Both Are Foxes Chapter 29

Note: The real name of this series is “All Are Foxes”, which makes more sense in this chapter,  but I decided to go with Both Are Foxes since the person who translated the synopsis and made this series come to light named it that way and I wanted to respect that. This makes more sense bc *SPOILER* it’s a semi-harem esque story and…



Stunning Edge Chapter 156 & Schedule Announcement


School is about to start and reflecting on the summer (eek) I barely published anything compared to last year

So I’m going to revert back to trying(?!) to be on a schedule

School starts next week @_@ which means this schedule will be experimental for a month before I decide if it works out or not

If anyone is too lazy to click on the link:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
* SE * * BAF * SE

*extra SE

Sorry BAF fans, BAF is in ancient China and has harder Chinese in the first place whereas the SE author is super redundant in their use of Chinese, which makes it far easier to translate SE chapters. They’re also shorter by like 25%

ok announcement over


(PS *slips in shameless promo* donations might increase chances of extra SE *wink wink*)