SE Chapter 21: Claire’s Perception

Claire’s Perception

TL: EZ$, Buzz and Charity

Grammar: Kiyoshi

Side note from Buzz:
Out of curiosity, I would like to hear about thoughts on the Peter Liang – Akai Gurley accidental shooting. There seems to be discrimination against Asians because his sentence, 15 years, is completely ridiculous when compared to other similar cases where there is a white policeman and a black victim. The situation also happens to coincide with the timing of the blacklivesmatter movement, which complicates the situation. It has also been pointed out that the system is flawed with lack of training and the fact newly trained cops are patrolling crime-ridden public housing buildings. There’s also the fact that the presiding judge is an Asian American, so it can be argued that the judge may feel compelled to levy a harsh sentence so that he or she can’t be accused of reverse racial prejudice. Please don’t misunderstand, this is our way of raising awareness. My heart is also with Akai Gurley and his family, however 15 years seems too much.

For more examples of cases where the sentence has been considerably lighter:

Side note from Charity: In the past month, four officers have been attacked in the building so it would make sense for a new police officer to feel nervous and have his finger on the trigger.


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