SE Chapter 24: Let Me See Your Loyalty

Heyyyy this EZ$ and my first posting!!! Super excited XD

SPOILER! Something some of y’all have been waiting for is about to come up soon… or whatever

Btw thanks sooooo much for supporting Stunning Edge! Couldn’t express all my gratitude! Thank y’all for all the views, likes, comments, shares, anything. WE READ EVERY SINGLE COMMENT but it’s virtually impossible to reply to every one of them (my textbook is crying for attention right now), but really truly i thank every one of you. Never thought our website would have so many legitimate views from around the world! Love y’all (Had to get this out just in case I’m too lazy to post again lol)

Now here ya go with Chapter 24~ (Hope I made you read all that crap above)


TL: buzzbanana, charity, EZ$      <—– the FABULOUS AWESOME ME

Grammar: kiyoshi


13 thoughts on “SE Chapter 24: Let Me See Your Loyalty

  1. Ugh I really despise Lashia! Claire should just cut her vocal cords! Lol. But im glad that Mozart has a good head on his shoulders, and doesn’t immerse in childish jealousy just like his disciples. Can’t wait to read what happens next! I’m already imagining Lashia getting pummeled Oooh

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  2. Thanks for the chapter. Apparently Lashia had forgotten her previous lesson. This time will be interesting to see Jean in action. Hopefully it will be painful enough. He He

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