SE Chapter 28: King’s Gaze

This is Buzz 😀 I proudly announce, this week is the week you guys have all been waiting for! There will be a post every day from Monday to Friday. Also, we will finally be getting our own domain, but as to what name it will be, you guys will have to wait to find out~~

Also, I’ve seen how there have been many readers who wanted another raw source (probably because the font of the one we have is atrocious) so I would like to give credit to user olyvercab who found this link:

Although it doesn’t follow the chapter numbers we are using for some reason, the font is much nicer and legible.

Chapter 28: King’s Gaze

TL: Buzz

QC: Charity


9 thoughts on “SE Chapter 28: King’s Gaze

  1. Thanks for the great news. Thank you guys for spending the time to translate this novel. Even during your spring break from school, you still want to dedicate yourselves to this. Appreciate every work y’all do. Can’t wait for your new domain


  2. Hi translators (Buzzbanana),

    I wouldn’t be overestimating my thoughts on Stunning Edge if I were to say that I am VERY VERY enamored with the story right now. This novel and its plot thus far is the sort of story I enjoy. Thus, I really want to thank you and every one who contribute for your effort in translating this project.

    Thank you very much! You guys are really awesome!!


    • Hahaha, thanks.
      Actually, there’s a whole team of us and all the translators are girls (lol it’s a long story).
      Without my friends, the accuracy would be completely off, because I actually use another website to translate, while they’re almost native speakers.
      We try very hard to produce quality work and it’s always nice to hear compliments 😀


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