SE Chapter 29: Hidden Crises

Hello everyone it’s spring break! And so we’re releasing one chapter per day! Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 29

TL: Buzz and Charity

Grammar: Kiyoshi


7 thoughts on “SE Chapter 29: Hidden Crises

  1. Oh they think they can keep Claire out? In principal it is a good idea as they could have Claire in the future “shock the world” but I get the feeling Claire has other plans…


    • I don’t think Claire cares much, her master on the other hand probably cares a great deal since trouncing other people’s disciples is the very reason that he recruited her in the first place.


  2. Can’t post comments on the chapter so spoilers (maybe):

    So why is he okay with the younger sister participating but not the older? Sure, the younger one has more experience, but the older one has shown herself to be steadier and more talented and has better and more dedicated teachers, not to mention being more dedicated herself.

    Also, why do they care so much about a single competition? I could understand if they’d lost the last few times or something, but a single victory or defeat isn’t all that important. If its enough to start a war, then chances are that war is going to start anyway, it’ll just need a different excuse to get it started, even if someone has to make it up.


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