Stunning Edge Chapter 38: Magic Beast?

Hohoho here comes the intro of something ador~able

Was that too much of a spoiler?

Also, what do you guys want if there’s a title that’s somewhat spoiler-y? Leave comments below for what you guys think


TL: Buzz and DG

Edit: Thy has been changed to my. Originally, I thought that was the correct archaic form but whoops, sorry. TLDR: White Emperor is the name of the fur ball


6 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 38: Magic Beast?

  1. thanks—!
    i’m fine with revealing the title, even if it’s spoilery, since we’re reading the chapter almost immediately anyway.


  2. Thank you for the chapter. I think if it is a spoiler title leave the title spot blank stating its a spoiler then place the title at the end of chapter.


  3. There was one site that would put the chapter title at the bottom of the chapter if it was too spoiler-y, but I think it depends. Like if it reallyyy spoils the whole thing then I think it should be placed on the bottom, but if it’s not too bad (like this one), then I don’t think it matters all that much.


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