Stunning Edge Chapter 39: Black Hair, Black Irises

SE Chapter 39

Bad news guys. After much deliberation, we’ve decided that after this chapter, we’re shutting down forever. There was much concern over copyright issues and finally, we’re shutting it down. Sorry guys, it was just so much work and I’ll try to address problems, but no promises. Part of it is my concern about Drumpf moving all immigrants out of the country, aka my parents, and the future of America. I swear, he’s seriously going to oppress all women and girls aka us and lower our wages even more for the same work as guys. I’m moving to Canada. It’s all over.

TL: Buzz, DG

QC: Charity


21 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 39: Black Hair, Black Irises

  1. Though I understand, it still hurts. I can’t read Chinese so even if I know where the raws are posted, I understand not one.


  2. thanks for the chapter!
    -reads paragraph and becomes shocked- -susupiciously checks date after having bent rolled too many times- -sees date is april 1st- -is still suspicious-
    i don’t know what to think, lol! canada’s a great place, though, ahaha!

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  3. I actually used the same trick on dropping my fic to my readers… And I can’t believe I fell for this orz my heart legit skipped a beat omf

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  4. Please tell me you’re just pranking us!! Though I can understand (even though it pains me) if you decide to shut down the project, it still sucks. This is one of my favorites. Don’t stop. Nuuuuuuuu. =(

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  5. I was going to laugh at your joke for being April Fool’s day.
    But then you mentioned the severity of American Politics and the presidential candidate named Donald Trump.
    I could no longer see it as a joke.

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  6. SO um when is the real chapter 39 coming out? Friday was one of your normal update days… I hate April fools so annoying…


  7. Lol, Drumph. John Oliver? If you don’t know, watch Last Week tonight’s episode on Trump~

    And I am forever on vigilance on April 1st. (But it’s no longer April 1st.)(Shhh! You know what I mean!)


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