Stunning Edge Chapters 39-41

So… we’re not actually shutting down lolol

For the april fools joke only a few people figured out how to find the Real chapter, congrats to those of you who figured it out XD (we did have it updated, look closer. Hint: pic)

On a more serious note, is there anyone who’s willing to help us contact the author? Although I’ve tried, I still think we can try and do what other websites did: find a person who knows a person who knows a person etc. who can contact the author via a reddit thread or something

Also, next update will probably be next Sunday, but hey, you get a chapter early XD

Chapter 39: Black Hair, Black Irises

Chapter 40: Duel

TL: Buzz

QC: Charity

Chapter 41: There’s Actually Someone More Shameless Than Me

TL: Buzz

QC: Charity, EZ$



7 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapters 39-41

  1. thank you—
    hm, contacting the author? maybe try asking the translators at or i know at, for true martial world ,they’ve been able to contact the author. I think has also been able to contact an author…


    • First, I think it would be morally wrong to translate someone’s work if they didn’t want it to be translated. Second, there could be possible legal consequences. I have tried contacting the author twice, but there was no response.


  2. As a reader, I really respect you for trying to contact the author for permission on translating the novel. Im hoping that if you do reach out to them, they would give you full permission to translate it. It’ll definitely be worth it!!! Wish you the best luck. If I can read Chinese or know someone who knows the author, I would help input some efforts. I will cheer from the sideline for the success.


    • By the way, have you tried to contact the editor or publisher to as k for the author’s contact information. You may be more successful if you can find the editor/publisher and get their information from them.


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