Stunning Edge Chapters 45-49

Soo… you might be wondering what this is all about

AP exams are coming up and actually posting the chapters takes quite a bit of time so I just decided to publish a lot in one go (but our stock is now suffering) and the next update will be either on or before 5/6 by Charity for chapters 50-51

Basically the way it works is that 45-48 each counts as 1/3 of a week, but 49 counts as a whole week because it’s freaking long

And from now on each chapter will be counting as once a week because each one is sooo looong

Of course that will change depending on the situation, length of the chapter, etc.


TL: BuzzBannana

Chapter 45

Chapter 46

Chapter 47

Chapter 48

Chapter 49 parts 1-5 all combined (original text had a bunch of breaks)

Edit: If you see any grammar mistakes, please comment, I won’t bite


14 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapters 45-49

  1. thanks!
    oh, i see—! i understand! well, all the best—!
    hm, grammar mistakes? i’ll probably mention vocabulary mistakes more, if i see any, ahaha!


  2. i think the second prince will spent a long time to regret his decision to reject her. because i saw her more comfortable around the red haired guy (who turns out become black haired guy thanks to her master)


  3. Thank you for the batch chapters. Appreciate y’all for thinking about us. Keep up the great work and good luck on your exams


  4. Wow…Chapter 49 really was a long chapter (but it was so great! So many things that I had been waiting for finally happened in that chapter ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ). Thanks for all the chapters! Thanks for all your hard work!

    AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR AP EXAMS!! Study well~ Rest well~ Do well~


  5. Thank you for your wonderous translations. Thank you for introducing such intriguing, splendid story.. I really love the main character, she’s just so cool.. such a badass, superior girl.. her actions, her thoughts, even her inner talking with walter just make me want to read more and more.. it’s so hilarious and fun to see.. please continue to translate SE, I really look forward to read the next chapters.. and hope you do well in your exams:) oh.. if only i can understand chinese writings..


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