Stunning Edge Chapter 51-53

Chapter 51: Walter Gets Stolen

Chapter 52: Suffering a Dragon’s Attack

Chapter 53

TL: 51 partly Charity, everything else, me

So… been a long time guys

It’s actually exam week for me so I wasn’t really planning on this (summer next week yay)

but comments -> guilt

TLDR: I’ve been ditched = slow

long story:

so why all at once why not 51 then 52 then etc

bc the other translator was in charge of the 50s and I was in charge of 60s but they ditched at 51 so uh

and then I had done 52 randomly it’s hard to explain from way b4

and I’m now switching to a dif source that conveniently is near where we’re at with the chapter numbers matching up at 53, which is why I did a clutch translation of 53

and now some chapters will have titles and some won’t, hard to explain

next chapter going to be late too probs but at most like until memorial day because summer is starting 😀

and also probs a lot more errors, plis comment errors altho they hurt, they help


8 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 51-53

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  2. Thanks for the chapters!

    Isn’t the reason for the lack of titles because the new source is splitting the chapters in a different way from the original source and not covering up their tracks?


    • I mean there are titles in this other source so what I’m going to do is that sometimes there will be titles when I think the titles match up sort of because the new source has shorter chapters than what I think is the original. Sorry, that’s confusing. Basically, tying my best to put in everything I can find in Chinese so people who can only read in English won’t be missing anything as my goal.


  3. I just think it’s really cool that you’re actually trying to get the chapters out to the people who want to read it. So thanks for that.


  4. Thank you for your work. Sorry the other translator bailed on you.

    I just want to let you know i really appreciate the work you put in and I always look forward to reading more chapters of stunning edge.

    Thank you so much!!!!!


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