Stunning Edge Chapter 55

So summer has finally started MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA f8ck school I hate school soooo much and GPA and SATs and gaaaaaaaah

someone tell me what to do with my life why is school so stressful

anyways I was super freaked out for a moment because wordpress told me I couldn’t publish anything and I was like ‘crap’ 😮 just now but now it’s working

wordpress publish fail

ok now onto information that is actually relevant to you guys: 

the chapter titles all look like just a brief summary of the most important event of the chapters from now on, i’m not 100% sure if I’ll keep translating the titles because for me, something like “walter gets stolen” I’m just like ehhh about idk

oh well i’ll probably still do them, this was just a heads up

Chapter 55
TL: BuzzBannana

edit: i forgot to mention that updates will now be really irregular and i’ll update whenever i can bc now summer is here! i think at most i’ll do 4 and at least i’ll do 1 per week


6 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 55

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  2. thanks for the chapter!
    yes, it’s break—-! ah—! i know that feel about school! school sucks, i know that feel! horrible, horrible—!
    it’s-it’s for your future, yeah! that’s why we have to go through it! urgh—!
    looking forward to more chapters—!


  3. Thank you for the chapter!

    Ugh. High school is insanely stressful when it doesn’t even need to be. BUT LISTEN. If you plan on going to college, you should know…IT’S SO MUCH BETTER AND LESS STRESSFUL THAN HIGH SCHOOL. (or at least from my perspective). Next semester, I only have classes two days a week, and I’m actually learning information that is useful and relevant to my field of work. So if anything…for now, just chill during your summer break…and then look forward to college!

    Regarding the chapter titles…I personally would prefer if they were left off…they seem like such spoilers…Or it could be written in white text, and people can highlight it if they want to know what the title is…But obviously it should be your decision!…Just…puttin’ mah thoughts out there in case you were interested.

    Thanks again!

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