Stunning Edge Chapter 58

Another shout out to the glossary

Chapter 58
TL: BuzzBannana

I feel like there will be more rants in the comments?


6 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 58

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  2. Excuse me for my words, but who the f*** is ranting about this. They should be glad you are translation this beautiful novel. If you guys are here and keep leaving negative comments that disheartens our translators, then please just leave. Definetly apprecreiate your work. I can never go a week without reading this novel.


  3. thank you—-!

    kyaa—! good job, ben! you actually resisted it! great job—!
    whooops! hehe! that little young master wants to actually try for claire?pfft! much blood will be shed tonight! yay—!

    kyaa—! -thumbs up to feng yixuan- good job, immediately getting angry! i don’t know which guy wouodn’t get angry if his beloved was spoken to like that, lol!

    pfft! shui wenmo doesn’t understand! will he one day understand?! feng yixuan’s family is powerful enough that he doesn’t need to care about what nonsense other people speak of them. however, no matter how powerful the girl he loves is, almost any guy, especially feng yixuan, that guy totally deep in love, would definitely be infuriated when his beloved is insulted! duh—!


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