Stunning Edge Chapter 61

Hohohoho there were so many good theories on how they beat the golden dragon in the comments

(SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR: there were some accurate guesses for this chapter and some of them come true in later chapters but not this one)

Chapter 61: Claire’s Outbreak (both this and the one above are to the chapter)
TL: BuzzBannana

There are so many golden things in this story
(even Claire’s hair color, blonde, has the word golden in it)
that I started inserting golden lotus instead of golden flame or dragon for some reason @_@
I caught it twice but I feel like I didn’t catch them all


6 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 61

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  2. Cultivating typical of Cn worlld. Sometimes I forget it’s a CN novel because of the Japanese ish dukes daughter type vibe


  3. “Lowly human, what did you do?” The golden lotus roared painfully and angrily <<<<<< s/b dragon?

    Thank you very very very very much for all your hard work!!! The Jean X Claire ship got support….


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