Stunning Edge Chapter 68

I was so touched by the comments ;-; I always appreciated any comments, but wow
I decided to do a clutch translation for all your kindness, thank you guys so much ;-;

Chapter 68
TL BuzzBannana


30 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 68

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      • i never like the princess very much. just seems like a spoiled brat to me. I actually like Claire’s sister more, at least that girl expressed her discomfort and own up to her wrongdoings.

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  2. thank you so much for the chapter. Hang in there! we are so happy to be your support after all you’ve done for us. I visited the new website, but decided to stay here and continue to be your loyal reader (because like many other readers, this website was where I found my love for Stunning Edge, and won’t abandon it so easily).

    Thank you very much (again :D)for the chapter! ❤
    Happy summer ! ❤


  3. Hey, thanks for the chapter!

    I’ve visited the other website, but I didn’t like it much. I really enjoy your translations and will remain a staunch supporter. Please don’t stop translating because of them! I found Stunning Edge on this website, and I don’t really want to change. Keep up the good work~


  4. i love you. you made my day and week ❤
    three chapters! a cure to my bad week… i’m completely cheering for you. i didn’t know there was another site translating stunning edge until you mentioned it on 67. thanks ^-^


  5. Dang it! Camille’s personality is really making me crack up! Is this, is this what you call a GAP??

    Anyways, hang in there! We’ll be your loyal supporters! And thanks for the chapter!


  6. Keep cool. Care of the correctness of words & grammar.

    Your translation has lots of emotions in its. From the story itself (which the other translation lacks), and from you.

    I love your translation because all characters had emotions in themselves, and you’re able to make those emotions showed out. (These fine quality is what the mtl lacks too).


  7. personally after checking out what ‘reading attic’ translated… not one novel they ever tried doing by themselves, so i have a suspicion is they want to hitch a ride on your coattails. don’t bother about them. i prefer your work which is more systemathic than theirs that seem to fly everywhere (chap 69 part 1 + 2… and suddenly chap 9 again? seriously?!!)


  8. It is a major disappointment to see that SE become a wrestling project over two translators. Honestly i read SE just lst week, binged them chapters all, and now i am hoping that you will not drop this translation, just because of the other translator, i dont want to see the case of ST, poaching makes things not fun anymore. Thank you for your effort and i am beginning to love SE.


  9. Keep up the good work we will support you! I’m glad to see our comments helped you out there is a major difference between quality translations like your work and crap like theirs.


  10. thanks—!
    hello, i just wanted to say that the chapter itself has no comments box. maybe change comments settings? if you want to, i mean!


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