TLDR edit for unaware people: They used to work with me. Now they don’t and what they’re attempting is basically an unfair steal of my original idea and the work I’ve already done. They didn’t even have the nerve tell me beforehand and the whole website’s basis was for bashing. The tagline was even “check out the About Us if you REALLY want to know what happened to Stunning Edge…” Like what???

This post is addressing a situation a long time ago so it’s a bit confusing for new readers. Basically, right after I uploaded chapter 66, they uploaded 67-70 on their site (didn’t even have anything else connecting to it, just 67-70) and readers got confused. But it was the wrong 67-70 because I had been following the numbering on another website and of course, since they ditched me for like 4-5 months at that point, they had no idea. (But seriously, it seems pretty obvious to me that this jump already shows what they were/are up to. If they wanted to play fair, they should have started with chapter 40 or something or even 30 because “Woof” had only been doing editing on my at that point.

  • LATEST UPDATE: Wow… so I came up with the idea of setting up a club and translating years ago and it finally came into fruition last year… and now the person who is calling herself “Woof” is trying to set up the same exact club…. pretty much despicable… You really can’t judge a book by its cover. A friend of mine was totally shocked when she heard about this situation because she really seems like a quiet, shy person…. I was blown away too. Honestly, I thought, maybe, just maybe she would set up a club. Then I threw the thought away and dismissed it as me over judging her and being biased. Now?… Holy crap, seriously?
  • They could have literally done whatever they wanted and translated whatever they wanted on the google drive. In fact, right now they are still admins of this website because I promised them that I wouldn’t remove their positions. Attempting a steal on the sole basis of bashing me over PERHAPS a misunderstanding already goes to show what poor character they have, and if they didn’t misunderstand they’re just using that as an excuse, well……..

Original post: Ok, this above here is the first “About Us” that was changed. Originally I didn’t want to do this, but they changed it and there’s one point that really infuriated me. I’m going to address this and the new one, especially the point that made me most mad, that I excluded them.

I never excluded them. That were the ones who stopped by themselves. “Meow”/EZ$ had stopped so long ago I don’t even remember when she quit. I even tried dragging her back for a short period of time to help with checking the accuracy of Chinese because Woof said she hated checking accuracy and she didn’t trust anybody else when I said I would get someone else.

I and Woof had arguments of terminology before and it was getting out of hand. We did votes on terminology, but there were still many small things that we argued about. There was this one time that I even got three random friends to choose which way they liked it better and she still denied it. You know what she said? J dislikes me, E is stupid, and the third person I forgot the reason, but the first two reasons pissed me off. We decided to split up which chapters to translate to cut down on amount of small things that could be argued about. Really at this point in time, I was the only one translating and Woof was check for accuracy right before uploading. I was already starting to feel exasperated because from around 20 or 30 or so on, I was doing most of the translating and “Woof” would only drop in and edit a few things for so called accuracy when only 2-3 of her edits were for accuracy. I didn’t like some of her edits and felt annoyed that we argued over those even though I was doing most of the work.  She said that she disliked editing and liked translating even though that was all she was doing, which didn’t make sense to me. But when I suggested having someone else check for accuracy, she said she didn’t trust anyone -_- I kind of feel like she just doesn’t want to work with anyone… We arranged for me to be in charge of the 40s of the old raws and she in charge of the 50s. I had finished the 40s and later jumped to the 60s. By the time I was on 66, she was still on 51. As in hadn’t even finished 51.

I had warned her a whole month beforehand that if she didn’t translate, we were going to run out on AP exam week. She hadn’t been translating for a whole month, which was why I decided warn her. Still, she didn’t translate and I had already planned on not translating since my chapters were planned to be released during the summer. It pretty much looked like the last friend had ditched. I had already translated 60-66, which is probably why they planned that ambush on 67-70. I mentioned that a slew of chapters was coming on a post before this nasty business started. Those are from the time when I had already translated 60-66. EDIT: Because I was using different raws, the 60-66 were about 68-79 on the new raws I am using. I did a crazy 20 chapter upload because I had been so pissed off by the betrayal, I had basically been translating hysterically for the last three days and translated another 9 chapters. This website was supposed to be for fun but I was already stressed out and thought of quitting because I knew they would be able to translate more than me with two people and I didn’t want to turn it into a competition of who can translate more. I’ve gained nothing from this website, no money, and I’m starting to see no point in continuing. <-This still stands even though it was an old edit. I’m thinking of focusing on translating manga or another webnovel, something fresh that I wouldn’t feel stressed or guilty about. Maybe at one point I would surpass them during the school year since they dropped off at that time last time, but they’ll just catch up or skip so it doesn’t really make sense anymore.

So after a long time of no uploads, I saw these two comments that were disappointed and wish there had at least been an announcement post. I told Woof AND Meow, who just happened to be there that I was going to be translating from 51 because she hadn’t been delivering. She hadn’t been translating for TWO MONTHS, so I had given up on her, and I even told her face to face, hey, I’m going to be translating since you stopped.

Now I’m going to be addressing the other things that didn’t piss me off so much and hold some truth, but don’t give justification:

I came up with the idea of translating and even attempted running a small club and I asked Woof to recommend me a story. She came up with Stunning Edge. That is true. But saying they were the ones who “first thought of and started on the idea of translating Stunning Edge” is a stretch. I can see how they can view Stunning Edge as “theirs”, but ditching and then deciding to try and steal it through an ambush like that……

Woof really has read far, far ahead of me.That could help with some things I guess translating wise, but that doesn’t justify their claim to stealing my past work after ditching. I’ve still read ahead to past 100 of the old version and feel like that’s enough for now.

True, they did put in a lot of work. They helped the most out of everybody I asked. All the credits are still there on the blog posts for who did what. (I was originally pretty grateful although slightly annoyed at times because arguing over edits was so counterproductive). But I have always been doing the most out of anybody, and currently, it’s all been me for Stunning Edge.

If they misunderstood when I said I was going to be translating the portion they hadn’t been translating for two months and even told them beforehand and took that as an “you’re not allowed to translate anymore” which I NEVER said, I still don’t want to work with them. They’ve broken off on their own, so why would I even ask to work with them? A lot of people said that it’s probably a misunderstanding, so I looked at their website and that seems to be all they’ve been saying: she excluded us and banned us from translating??? What?? I would have loved if you actually translated?! If they stopped translating because they disliked working with me, fine, that’s fair. I can’t stop them from translating whatever they want, even if it’s Stunning Edge when I’ve poured hours of work into it already. But what I can’t take is the fact that not only did they not have the guts to face me and talk to me about it, they even tried to present themselves as if they were in the right?! If they didn’t do that, they would have been in a grey area, but trying to say that they had the original idea, wow…..

These truths doesn’t justify what they’re doing right now at all.

Edit: At this point in time all I can guess is this:

  • readingattic actually did want to translate SE but disliked working with me because there was so much fueled up arguments on both sides. We both thought we were right.
  • I guess they viewed this website as “mine” more which was why they bought the website. I had thought they were attempting to take over SE and now I see my fears were not in vain. Something I find kinda funny is that my friend who found out about this situation messaged me on facebook a link to their website, and in the photo that you can see before you click the photo, I saw that they had changed their wordpress theme to match mine. They had complained that they didn’t like this theme and when I asked what they wanted, they never answered, and now they’ve even changed their theme to copy this website’s…..
  • Trying to steal it is a very unfair move. They still haven’t talked to me directly (LATEST still  haven’t talked to me at all since school started, the younger sister, “Meow” seems to act as if nothing has happened though so I’m confused), so I intend to do the same. Their website was created on the sole basis of bashing me as you can see, so I don’t feel really inclined to talk to them….
  • They jump ahead for the sole purpose of viewership and give the reasoning to unaware readers of “just to give a little more”. If they wanted to be fair, they would be translating from chapter 40, where they had stopped translating. But noo when they started SE on the other site, they jumped to 67. Pretty obvious what they were trying there to me -_-

Originally, this was a deleted blog post because I didn’t want to keep getting infuriated, but I saw there are some people who were unaware of the situation and decided to restore it


29 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Holy wow. Buzzbanana, I am heartbroken that there is conflict between the translators of one of my favourite sites. It seems like there has been a lot of misunderstandings. I don’t think anyone wanted to upset anybody else initially but we’ve come to this point where sites have been bifurcated and perhaps the drama will continue. I reiterate that I started here so I’ll continue here, I’m cheering you on, hoping that you all get past this. I’d help you if I knew any Chinese but I’m just a shameful leech. I’m grateful for all you’ve done, and the contributions made by the other translators too. Don’t be disheartened, and above all, take care of yourself.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Feel free to vent as much as you need Buzzbannana. You’re totally justified in doing so with the current situation. Sadly, I’m just a leech that’s useless in aspects of the translation scene, but I wholeheartedly support you in this debacle. I will continue to follow and support you and hope you continue to grace us with your efforts. Thank you again for your hard work!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dude. Chill. We’re on your side.
    I’ve been reading stunning edge on this site for ages and am not about to jump ship unless (god forbid) you quit.
    As for them. There are always these kind of people around.
    Hakuna matata.

    Liked by 5 people

  4. ❤ I always read from you and you seem so hard working and caring. This is a really unfortunate matter to have happened but I hope everything goes well. No matter what we’ll be here to listen and read your tl-work. 🙂


  5. I don’t know what happened between you guys. Maybe there was misunderstanding and miscommunication on either side or whatever, but the fact that they ambushed you ‘timely’ at chap67 is just extremely …. to me = =

    And they got the wrong raw version at that.

    Hope you’re not too down about all this stuff! Really appreciate your hard work.


  6. Sounds like you guys are in high school which makes total sense. Even their About Us page screamed “emotional immature highschool student” to me. Just by reading I was like, ‘man if this pisses a bystander off, it’ll definitely get to the person it’s directed at’
    Just vent it out, it was rather uncalled for what they did there


  7. It’s sad to know that this issue may be escalating but hey, it’s better to let it out than just taking it in. Right?

    I hope you’ll still continue to enjoy doing translations and working on this project despite what has been happening. We, your fans and followers, continue to support you Buzzbanana. 😊

    All the best


  8. Ganbatte~! I checked theirs and I can say I prefer your work. There were some weird parts in their first few paragraphs >.< Like Claire saying “cuz” :p
    Whoever does the most work has more power!!!
    Go far buddy~ (If you need help, I can help a little :p I’m a native chinese too XD)


  9. i’m sorry to hear that there’s such conflict between you three. but please don’t be so down! for me, i’m already satisfied to read it from you and follow your site so i knew when there’s new update. i don’t plan to change it now.
    so please cheer up and keep up your work!!
    and thanks for your hardwork!!!


  10. i’m sorry to hear that there’s such conflict between you three. but please don’t be so down! for me, i’m already satisfied to read it from you and follow your site so i knew when there’s new update. i don’t plan to change it now.
    so please cheer up and keep up your work!!
    and thanks for your hardwork!!! 😁


  11. I agree with the others here that it’s pretty not-well-done of them to take over the project this late in the game based on the supposition that they’re “better” in some way I currently don’t see. It’s one thing if they had been contributing to the translations recently and just now decided to put them on their own site, quite another if they quit halfway through then, seeing how popular the novel has become, decided to seize the project in order to make money. As a reader it seems pretty shady and I’d rather stick with you because you’ve kept at it when you could. Also, as someone who also went through ap exam week (although it’s been a few years haha) the last thing you should have to worry about is whether someone will be able to contribute their part to a project….
    I hope you continue working on this project, I imagine they’ll get tired soon just like they did before.
    So, I prefer your translations, plus I love your domain name, it puts me in the mood for some badassery. ;]


  12. wow. What a “great”(sarcasm) reason they have there, jeez, this reminds me of writing thesis ’cause there are always those people that stop doing what they need to then ‘me’ finding out what they are saying behind my back, lol.

    Good luck for now~ :). You shouldn’t really take their action too much to your mind as really, there are always those kind of people, and when you take psychology to this, ugh… anyway, this happening should be pretty common, In RL at the least, hmmm… I hope that you find peace~! things like this kinda really mess up things, in more ways than one ~_~.

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  13. Highschool drama, broken friendships, betrayal . . . yeaaah. I remember all of that.
    1) Only college matters. There you’ll meet people who are reasonably mature, and build a social circle that can last. It’s great if you can connect with childhood friends throughout your life, but notice that there aren’t many adults around you who do.
    2) Deep breaths; cry / scream / rage it out, then pick up, pull yourself together, Repeat Mr Rodgers Epitaph 5 times (“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile, because it happened!”) and move on with whatever YOU feel is right.
    3) (OPTIONAL) Gain sadistic revenge by being better then the people who backstabbed you. (how I kept a 3.8 gpa and got an engineering scholarship : )

    Good luck, vent well, and kick ass on those AP tests, because 1st and 2nd semester Chemistry and Calc are cruel, inhuman 80% failure weedout classes. No pressure! : )

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  14. Everyone here can see the amount of effort you put into each translation, and we’re super thankful for that. At least you have some faithful readers here and we’re definitely on your side in this conflict.


  15. Don’t pay attention to them and please keep translating cause honestly I love how you do write it and the way they translate is to plain…
    You have me a faithful support and thank you for dealing with all this drama and still translating for us


  16. I hope this experience doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth for translating. But it seems to be like you three are friends in High School, so I guess you all should try to work it out. Funny how this drama starts during the summer so that you three don’t have to face one another in awkwardness in the hall. However, is it possible that the disagreement lies elsewhere and you guys are using this project as a scapegoat?

    Buzzbanana, I read your side of the story and theirs, I think you girls have some misunderstandings. I also think that it would be nice if you girls can resolve the issue together. You girls sound like you girls are good friends, so don’t let stuff like this get in the way. Also, fights like this happen all the time in friendships, it’s no big deal. It’ll work out eventually 😀

    And more importantly, don’t let this affect the readers who are here because we love the story as well and we are really grateful that you chose to share this with the rest of us.

    Also, the club idea sounds like a pretty good idea. You guys should try it out. 😀


    • It’s hard when the whole website was aimed to insult me and they couldn’t even say it to my face. I actually saw them the day that they posted 67-70 but I didn’t know about it until I got home. The project is actually the only reason why our relationship got so bad in the first place and I don’t think it’s possible to compromise.


    • The whole website is built on the basis of trying to attack me, I mean even their tagline is like “read the About Us to find out what REALLY happened to Stunning Edge”


  17. They are making themselves look a badguy in that post. seriously, that statement shouts the words “we’re better”

    and Thank you very much for translating and sharing, I don’t know what really happened but I hope you guys overcome this problem. Friends or not friends in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Ah, I ended up back here after reading the comments in the recent chapter.

    Seriously, people and insecure and broken, don’t take their acting out personally, because you are never going to be able to make them happy and they will never be able to admit (probably not even to themselves) they they could possibly be wrong.


  19. There were times in our life that we will meet people who will stab us in the back and will try to ruin us but you know what? Meeting this kind of people will enable us to appreciate the good people that we gonna meet somewhere down the road that is why move on and look forward in the future. Life is good.
    Hope you keep translating.😊😊😊😊


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