SE Chapter 69-70

Ok so here’s where the stream is coming in

I still need to read through things to check grammar and change certain things like order of name because I translated this in the far past

read chapters here


5 thoughts on “SE Chapter 69-70

  1. look from the way most readers are going to look at it is they wont switch, well by most i mean those that have exp translation poaching. your freinds or exfreinds might have been nice or something i really ant comment on it sine this kindof drama happens everywhere i mean look at the labour party but from the sounds of it they will most likely quit when they get bored whileas you havent quit till now so you can guess who people are going to go for. just keep it up and either find new freinds or find a way to repair your freindship its your choice but i would go for the find new freinds anyway goodluck


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