SE Announcement/ Chapters 71-90

It has been done. All have been proofread now. I think there might still be some mistakes so just comment if there is.

recommendation: just keep on clicking

I’m going to pretend like nothing has happened and move on.

After having a long talk with my mom, I decided to finally establish a donations page. I don’t gain anything from this website so I might as well use it to do some good. My plan is to find more causes that I personally think are worthy so that there are more options for readers.

Each cause will have a brief overview of points that personally hit me pretty hard.



35 thoughts on “SE Announcement/ Chapters 71-90

  1. The temptation to not read the other translation is real -.- Because… You know, the two of you have different translation and writting style + the two of you organizes the chapters differently >_>

    Btw! Thx for the good as always!


  2. Sorry drama sucks =/
    I ❤ u
    I think ignoring it is for the best.
    Remember translating is supposed to be fun for you ^_^


  3. click* click* clickity click
    as the sounds continue through the night, they are less frequent but the reader is also more immersed in the chapters.
    This reader would like to thank you translators and editors for keeping the Clicking going 😛


  4. We at wanted to extend an offer to join our site! Hosting a variety of novels on one site will connect our projects to a larger audience! (Yes, I know what’s happening between you and reading attic, hopefully I can resolve this)

    Email us at if you’re interested

    We can talk about the terms/benefits then.

    p.s: You don’t have to post this comment


    • I’m honored with your proposal, but I really don’t think it will work with what’s happening with readingattic right now. They might get even more upset. Thank you for asking though!


      • I’ve also contacted ReadingAttic and they’ve agreed to possibly work with me when summer is over. If you’re still interested, we can keep in touch via email and work this dispute out.


  5. Wah!! It’s the end of financial year sale happening at japanesemafialady!! 😊
    Thank you for translation this novel.
    Keep up the good work!


  6. I just came back from work and overwatch spam, see nu feed with a shitload of post from mafia lady and some new translator.

    Wtf is going on? What have i been missing?


  7. I’m grateful too, but please don’t burn yourself out.

    Sometime winning mean showing that it doesn’t hurt you instead of responding.


  8. As much as I love seeing all these chapters and can’t wait to dig in, I have to say something for you buzzbanana.

    Like the other people before me saying (sort of) : I sincerely hope you still enjoy translating the novel (still have fun) and pacing yourself. Last thing you want to happen is burn yourself out. I know it’s a pressure when you have other translator “breathing down your neck” .

    Well I can’t say for other people but I always wait for your releases.
    Thank you for the huge surprise chapters today.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too. I only ever read here. It’s a matter of trust to me after all. Rather than go to someone who just popped up from somewhere, I’d rather wait here. I really hope banana doesn’t get too stressed out and still be able to enjoy her works.


  9. Its a majorrr dissatisfaction towards them. Well, i dont even go to their site.. Their translation is like.. Urgh, the story don’t even flowing. I read your notes at chapter 90.. Thank you for not giving up.. And maybe you will realize at the end of the day relying on yourself is still the best, having understanding family and friends are bliss and dont worry, there is always beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. Just treat this as a passing “tornado” but you gonna rocks it.. Dont get mad, it will just stressed you up. As long as YOU are translating, we will be a happy reader.


  10. Awesome! Totally shocked me to discover that there was almost no end to hitting the next chapter button.

    And the quality is at Beagelson level which is the highest praise I know. ♥
    Best read in a long time 🙂

    Thank you for your hard work!


  11. please dont try to mass release if it seems like wokr for you, you will only burn yourself out. just take it slow and steady its not a competition since they will quit before you do if you pace youself


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