Stunning Edge Chapter 91


Going to do this from now on: shout out to the donations page

Also, a little late because of that… backstabbing, but I just wanted to bring your attention to the recent Istanbul attack at the international airport. 44 people have died.

Ferhat Akkaya, 42
Hüda Amiri, 8
Kerime Amiri, 24
Meryem Amiri, 14
Zehra Amiri, 16
Ertan An, 39
Gülşen Bahadır
Fathi Bayoudh, 58
Mustafa Bıyıklı, 51
Abdülhekim Bugda, 24
Zeynep Çizmecioğlu and Mahmut Çizmecioğlu (married ;-;)
Mahmut Mert
Yasin Ocal, 25
Umut Sakaroğlu, 31
Ercan Sebat, 41
Habibullah Sefer, 24
Sondos Shraim, 25
Rayan Shraim, 3
Siddik Turgan
Ethem Uzunsoy
Çağlayan Çöl, 27
Muhammed Eymen Demirci, 25
Erol Eskisoy
Yeni Ise Girmisti
Murat Güllüce
Nısreen Hashem Hammad, 28
Yusuf Haznedaroğlu, 32
Özgül Ide, 21
Göksel Kurnaz, 38
Adem Kurt, 32
Nisreen Melhim, 28
Mahmut Mert
Larisa Tsybaklova, 46
Hüseyin Tunç, 28
Siddik Turgan
Serkan Türk, 24
Abrorjon Ustabayev, 22
Ethem Uzunsoy
Merve Yigit, 22
Ali Zülfikar Yorulmaz
Erol Eskisoy

Please read their names. Knowing their names makes them human, not a part of a statistic anymore.

Chapter 91



12 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 91

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  2. My condolences to the innocent people who died 😢 it’s worse to their families and friends who are alive and suffering for their lost father, mother, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, son, daughter or friend. RIP ☁👼🏼☁


  3. It was a sad senseless incident. Yeah, i read from Daman’s (The Divine Elements’ author) post about the bombing, as i am not very much interested in news and tv. It was really shocking that people treat others life like, urm, worthless, killing as wished. Really sad.
    Thank you for the chapter


  4. The people who perpetuate such things, they must have had many painful and horrible experiences and the world that they live in must be such a horrible and painful place. One of the tragedies is that they are unable to comprehend that the same pain they feel, they are causing other people to feel and that this WILL NOT CURE THEIR PAIN. To paraphrase Gandhi: More darkness cannot extinguish darkness, only light can; more hatred cannot extinguish hatred, only love can.

    The utmost sympathy and condolences to those who suffered in the attack, for the lives lost and the pain spread, and the sincere hope that the victims will be able to overcome their tragedy as the perpetrators were not.

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      • Very true these crazy Terrorists or at least the ones behind the movement actually want us to retaliate with violence only by triggering that retaliation can they sow the resentment towards the rest of the world they so seek. And the medias sensationalism is sadly one of their most effective tools. There have been too many needless killings of late I wish this would stop but sadly I fear there will only be more.

        Thank you for trying to make people acknowledge they are more than a statistic but where did you get the names?


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