Stunning Edge Chapter 95

I usually put the chapter URL over the bad news I bring, but today, I want to first highlight the Dallas shooting last night which was the deadliest attack for police officers since 9/11, according to CNN.

I live really close to Dallas. Not in Dallas itself, but when we’re out of state and people ask for where we’re from, we say Dallas. In fact, to put it to perspective, this was the first news of the attack I got:

dallas shooting

This post is from someone I know personally. We’re not super close friends or anything, but I think this puts in perspective how close it was.

People are pointing fingers right now, trying to figure out what to blame. “It’s the liberals, it’s Obama” etc. but really? It’s because hate feeds into hate. At this point, it shouldn’t be “who’s fault is it”, but “how can we stop more tragedies”. It’s just… really sad.

Thank you for reading

Chapter 95


16 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 95

  1. It’s a Vicious cycle. If I were living in that Area I would purchase a large amount of provision and just stay at home as much as possible. That situation is far from over and will probably only escalate. Anyways, thanks for the chapter!


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  3. I hate how no one is giving sympathy to Philando Castile and Sterling who were also shot and killed but everyone seems to be extremely hurt by the Dallas incident. Are the lives of human beings so unequal? We should be outraged at both incidents and working together, instead this is just dividing us more. Violence multiplied by violence only creates a greater amount of violence.

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    • People are upset at all of it, but the scale of these incidents is comparing two individual cases of manslaughter to a premeditated mass murder, it should be obvious which is bound to spark more distress (not that any of it should be in any way acceptable).

      Overall these stories just make me happy I don’t live in the USA.


      • To be fair, there have been multiple cases of police brutality, it’s just that those two happened within 48 hours of each other that there’s been more outrage plus the Facebook video. I didn’t see it myself because I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but I later saw Philando Castile’s wife explain what had happened. It’s all very sad.


  4. I agree with you, we need to stop trying to blame the politics on this an try finding a solution to all the problems. I hope you and your family are safe, and as I also live in Texas I’m trying to make all of my friends and family be more aware of staying safe in the US, today.

    SE helps distract me from what’s going on, so thanks for the chapter (:


  5. Just a correction 9/11 wasn’t an attack on police, it was an attack on everyone.
    R.I.P. To the slain officers. I still wish and hope for justice for Sterling and Castille


  6. Yeah it is sad how some humans are quick to spill blood when given a sufficient trigger trying to hurt other innocent people. Violence is never the right choice it only begets more violence. But the media unfortunately has a role to play in these issues with how they have sensationalized events to stir up emotions. While it sells news it also stirs up crazies that need only the smallest trigger.

    And once bigger news comes the media moves on even while lives are still lost. It is always a bigger picture than we like to make things seem. I hope we can show our better side as a species and work together rather than dividing apart and seek to find and resolve the injustices at the heart of these tragedies rather than letting them surge more violence again and again.


  7. Say, where in the Dallas Area do you live? I’m curious because I’m technically in the Dallas Area too.

    If you don’t want to write it here, there’s always my email which is my wordpress username at gmail. Of course, if you don’t want to say at all, that’s perfectly fine too.


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