Stunning Edge Chapter 97

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Link: Chapter 97

random note:
British readers, I kno u out there, I keep seeing the headline on BBC about the two party leaders both being women and the PM going to be a woman, but they both seem to be hated via my super accurate and reliable analysis of facebook comments XD. Explanation please? I don’t know anything about them, just curious


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    TLDR Andrea Leadsom has been shown to be a complete and utter liar (lied on her CV etc.) also she has shown that she is a homophobe. (she campaigned against gay marriage)

    Theresa May has 0 leadership experience (like the other candidates) and she seems to come across as someone who is more suited to being a clerk than a PM, also she is unpredictable and he almost 0 capability to look beyond the present.

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    • Oh, another reason why Andrea Leadsom is disliked is because she claims to have been spoken to by God. Which to me suggests religious nutter.


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  3. Problem with UK leadership elections is very different on both sides:

    For the Labour Party: the current Leader is’t stepping down and was elected by an overwhelming majority of party members but NOT the majority of the parlimentary party, who don’y like him. This is what’s causing the public outcry with the parlimentary party trying to oust him It’s almost irrelevant who the parlimentary party put forward they were going to receive all this anyway.

    For the Conservative Party: It’s pretty much the opposite in that it IS the person who is hated by the country, although she is favoured by the party backers and many of the elite. There is also the issue with Brexit going against her in that she voted remain but we got shoved out and if she were to become party leader, she would have to “Lead” the country into exiting the EU which she was against creating an appearance of conflict of interest and suspicions unto whether or not she could do this to the best of her ability.

    Essentially, it all comes to down to party versus base. The party like the female candidates, the base don’t.

    I can say for certain that there won’t be a change in the Labour leadership, since the leader sets the rules for party leadership elections and the party base overwhelmingly support him.

    Will the Consevatives have a female leader? Hard to say but the favourite (Michael Gove) has the reputation of a backstabber and has a pretty high unfavourable rate in the country, so does the second favourite (the female candidate, Teresa May) . This could lead to a dark horse winning.

    Just to also let people understand because there is A LOT of confusion on this. The winner of the Conservative Leadership contest in September WILL be the next Prime minister of the UK. There is no General Election until 2020 or unless more than 55% of parliment vote to have one sooner, which the Conservative party hold more than 50% of the votes.

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