Worldly Stunning Blade Chapters 1-2

Hello, this is BuzzBannana
I had translated chapter 1 and part of chapter 2 a while back
A loooooooooooong while back
It was on accident because I was searching for the raws of Stunning Edge and the names are similar
Anyways, I was going through old files when I spotted this and thought it would be a waste not to post work anyways so
I don’t plan on translating this honestly, it was such a struggle trying to get through it @_@ I wasn’t really interested
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

EDIT: just in case they wanted creds, (I almost forgot) DG helped with grammar on chapter 1 and Kanoi helped with accuracy on chapter 1


3 thoughts on “Worldly Stunning Blade Chapters 1-2

  1. I read it and it loook interesting! Thank you for the ‘sneak peak’. Maybe you are not cut for those “heavy xianxia/wuxia dose”. But i am still loving SE. Light hearted, funny and easily entertaining.


    • Oops, I just checked, number 1 is Facebook XD, Number two is wuxiaworld, and number 3 is gravitytales. Even is on my new tab page. Anyways, if I had to guess, I would think that the story was moving along too slowly, or maybe I just haven’t read enough. I dunno. Just, for some reason, I just felt really tired doing it.


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