Stunning Edge Chapter 98

Almost 100!! 250+ more to go though….
I haven’t even read the whole thing yet

Here ya go

random note: All I see is pokemon go on facebook and my friends are all arguing over which team to join… all the memes they use to diss each other are funny though XD
Here’s some:


7 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 98

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  2. I may be a long time Pokemon main series fan but I think this “Go” thing has gotten a little out of hand…
    I personally feel augmented reality is a stupid idea as it encourages people to walk around distracted in potentially dangerous situations…


  3. There was this funny article in my area about how police officer wondering why all these civilians keep coming inside their police headquater. Turn out there is poken in there. LMAO

    It is getting out of hands though, I read accidents happen cause people dont pay attention to trafic while driving and playing their pokemon go


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