Worldly Stunning Blade Synopsis

A few people mentioned they couldn’t really judge with just 2 chapters and some others mentioned wanting the synopsis

So tada, the synopsis (I put it on the table of contents page, but if u lazy like me, hehe, here it is):

Transmigration is the total rage of novels nowadays, and if the main character isn’t careful, they get swept up into the bandwagon, so this is a story from another continent. Magic? —— of course the main character won’t know how to use it, but what about knowing how to use electricity? Dou Qi? —— the main character still doesn’t know, but is inner power more strong? Beautiful women? —— of course the main character has them, or else there wouldn’t be anything worth reading in this novel. How many? —— that question’s quite good, if I told you everything, what would you read for?  An honest warning to the female readers and your tastes, it is a harem novel, don’t read it if you’re not interested. A stern warning to male readers and your tastes, um, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

^This is the actual synopsis, no kidding. Kinda agree with the transmigration thing, there’s a ton of those and its either to a wuxia/xianxia world or fantasy/gaming world usually, or at least, that’s what I see a lot.

Personal eval/analysis of story so far:
There’s only 2 pull factors so far, one being that Ramos is a fallen noble or something (hey I translated the first chapter months ago, I can’t remember properly XD), two being the random stranger Lingfeng who was randomly unconscious. They make it so that Ramos seems to have a lot of potential, like he’s smart and relatively strong. Meanwhile, I have lower hopes for Lingfeng seeing as he seems to not have been healed that way before and Luna doesn’t seem to be portrayed as a high class character, so Lingfeng not knowing that seems to lower my expectations.

Personal eval/analysis of synopsis:
Erm, it seems to be trying to be original, but it feels sorta mediocre to me. There’s nothing that super stands out. Also, and this is what degrades it to me personally the most, it seems to be saying that girls won’t like it so uh….. Doesn’t seem like it would mesh with Stunning Edge readers (I’m being broad here, not saying that all Stunning Edge readers would dislike it)



5 thoughts on “Worldly Stunning Blade Synopsis

  1. Thanks for the synopsis! It really helped me – not sure about anyone else though.

    But, I gotta say, I’m not too keen on it :/ Personally, I don’t like harem novels (unless it’s a reverse harem hehe) so… Meh.

    Thanks anyway!

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  2. Mm, I don’t really like harem novels, and this seems like the constant and cliche wuxia/transmigration/OP Protag with huge harem novels we already have so many of. Also, yeah, I’m a girl, and I dunno if I like the sound of that warning.

    But thanks anyways~~


  3. I don’t like harem, mostly because they sleep with everyone lol. If they just teased and flirted I’d be ok with it. So I’ll just be reading about Claire.


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