Special thanks to my friend who will be going by Viv who helped translate a portion!
She’s helped I think once before and I probably referred to her by her initials VZ
I think she will be continuing with Stunning Edge and:

Meanwhile people seem to like WSB and I was like eh why not
I haven’t read ahead or anything so I really don’t know and my only opinion is meh, don’t super dislike or like so,
I think I’ll be continuing until
a) get bored/start disliking
b) school starts/no time

edit: Turkey milit takeover?? ok… world’s getting crazier as the days go by I swear
PS: donations plis? ONLY if you can afford it


3 thoughts on “STUNNING EDGE CHAPTER 100

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  2. Congratulations on the milestone. I am looking forward for more. You should turn try ads cos we can donate through that too, maybe will be enough for your web-fee, i dont know, and at least we are able to show some support towards your translation. I am not able to donate, as i am currently being in a long term debts like house and loans so when i got extra i will 🙂
    Thank you for the chapter


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