Stunning Edge Chapter 99

Very sad that there was another Paris attack… It does seem suspicious that it happened a few hours after they lifted the emergency status

So spiritual/soul won by a verrry~~ narrow margin last time I checked
and here is the chapter

Also, I saw the comments on how un-Claire chapter 98 was. I think maybe the word choice of “lips trembled” was not appropriate, because it was more like her lips were moving because she wanted to say something, so I changed that and a couple other things with the replacements of consciousness to soul. I think maybe it’s to [small spoiler] contrast this chapter maybe? idk

And I have done recruition to speed up the update of chapter 100 hohoho


5 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 99

  1. It makes me so mad that I’m not sure why France is even a target for terrorist. It’s always for money or religious reasons but they are just mad randomly injuring bystanders that’s the worst. 😠 On another note yay almost 100 chapter!


    • The target was Nice, a city on the southern coast on the Mediterranean, and the reason is that France has been a major player in the Middle East since World War 1. Its one of the more aggressive countries fighting Daesh right now, but it is also one of the countries where a lot of fighters come from. Soft Targets are unfortunately the easiest.


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