Stunning Edge Chapter 104

Chapter 104

Somebody asked if SE was getting dropped
eh probably not going to happen unless people say like “I wish you focused on this instead”
But anyways AO is being translated by another person so it’s not going to affect Stunning Edge. I help with the grammar, but that’s super easy (PS I’m only aiming quality level of “average-native-english-speaker-can-understand” because even I don’t know grammar super properly yet. Like who and whom, although somebody explained it a little better and I think I get it now. Anyways, little stuff like who/whom is going to be ignored and also there are going to be intentional run-ons and stuff. Yup)

PS: I usually say some noteworthy news, but all I see currently is RNC and DNC stuffs. So many jokes about how Michelle Obama’s the only person to talk at both of them.


7 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 104

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    • but seriously there’s so much going on and the voting is engulfing them. 2 children die of overheating in cars, I just saw the killing of a French priest in Rouen news, etc.


      • Yeah, its pretty standard in a presidential election year. Sad as it is to say, the death of two kids from negligence is too common for it to override the election. It would have to be something on the level of Nice to breakthrough all the politicking, and even then, it would instantly turn into the candidates’ reactions to the tragedy.


        • Yup. I often hear whispers of tragedies in some middle east countries in comments on Facebook, but not major media outlet will focus on them except for like Istanbul ;-; I think there’s really a lack of news from language barriers too. (Can’t read Arabic sigh)


          • Honestly, I think has more to do with cultural egotism. The media doesn’t think the viewers/readers care about something happening in a foreign country with a different culture, religion, history, etc on the opposite side of the world, so they focus on things that they think the audience does care about. Like which celebrity got caught cheating on their spouse. Sadly, they’re mostly right.


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