Stunning Edge Chapter 108

Chapter 108

Wow after a long hiatus, found a bunch of Japanese spam for the first time


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Also, Viv did most of the work this time so I asked her if she wanted to do the blog post since somehow past peoples were a bit offended they didn’t, but she refused

But since she posts a lot of poems online, I was like why not share one of those
And she said she would like that and to choose one of hers that I liked so I just chose the most recent one (they’re amazing!):

Heart-Full Sky
By: Viv

Today is just like any other day,
Filled with songs and feelings,
With hope and new changes,
It’s hard,
I know to start another year,
But it makes me excited,
That I can meet strangers,
And they eventually become my friends.

After school,
I tripped and fell,
A person picked up my stuff,
I thanked him,
My knees and hands are scraped,
And they hurt,
But I stand up,
[ Marina Of August ],
Singing this melody,
I carry on,
And I am first again on the bus.

On the grey seats,
I sing to the trees outside,
They wave,
The sun is still shining,
Even when there are gloomy clouds,
The songs make it seem brighter,
I got off the bus,
And I see a heart in the sky.



12 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 108

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  2. Thank you Buzzbanana for the chapter. Welcome back! I wonder if you dropped the SE but thankfully you didnt!
    That poem, is beautiful to read, a sneak peek into real life.. Thank you Viv for the poem.


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