KKDB Epilogue

Finally, here’s the epilogue.


TL: Seijaku no Marionette (Penny, Kanoi)

Grammar: Buzz


I started this project with Penny on 12/28/2015, and it’s been 9 months! I’m thankful for the all the people who had helped me and supported me.

First, I’d like to appreciate Buzz for providing me with this opportunity to translate KKDB, a novel I really enjoy, into another language so that more people could enjoy them. Next, I’d like to appreciate Penny for translating this novel with me and Buzz, Zio, tako, and Yellow Nemo for checking the grammar. I also appreciate the readers who had supported us.

And it’s the time for introducing our next project, which is a manga!!


Title: Honey Rabbit! (or Hanirabi for short)

Author: Souta Kuwahara

Synopsis: Since her parents are usually away from home due to work, Fumiko, who always lived by herself, has an adorable rabbit named Kotarou as her companion… However, one day, Kotarou transforms into a human boy…!? He is sometimes a human, but sometimes a rabbit!? A cute but wondrous manga about “rabbit ears” with those kinds of boys and girls as protagonists!

The first episode will be uploaded two weeks later and we’ll (try our best to) upload one episode every two weeks.

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