Hanirabi! Episode 2

Sorry… I forgot to mention that Honey Rabbit! is a collection of 7 unrelated short manga (except for the last 3)…

So here’s the synopsis of Episode 2 written by me:

Hiroyuki Saeda, who has joined a company for the first time, is scolded every single day.

In a park he always goes to during the lunch break, he encounters a suave, petite girl.

Saeda realizes that he enjoys looking at this mysterious girl.


Some reminders:

  • Please read from right to left and top to bottom.
  • Please do not reupload any pictures of any manga that are originally in Japanese from this website to any other websites without our permission because we purchased the raws.


TL: Seijaku no Marionette (Penny, Kanoi)

Grammar: Buzz, tako


And please participate in the poll and the survey if you haven’t done so!!

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