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Since we recently bought the domain, we changed a few things like the icon and header image.
I don’t think many people care but just in case you’re interested, here is a short explanation for the creation of the website and why it was originally called japanese mafia lady along with some other clarifications
But seriously the glorious header image!!! Kanoi and Penny are so pro!!!


Stunning Edge Chapter 112-116 (+ Both are Foxes announcement + Chapter 1)


I wanted to get to chapter 120, but whatever

I’m going to try to get to chapter 120 by the end of this week

Also, for Both are Foxes, I’m going to first read ahead. It’s like 5x harder to translate than Stunning Edge, first because I’m much more used to Stunning Edge and second, it’s in more formal, old-ish Chinese and refers to the past. I mean I’ve got the basics down of imperial China like concubines and stuff but I want to read ahead so I can get a more firmer grasp. I’ve translated one chapter but keep in mind I’m not assuring 100% accuracy just yet. I’m thinking I’ll be able to take it on more seriously during winter break (starts Dec 20) TBH I like this story better than Stunning Edge, but I feel more obligated to work on Stunning Edge because I already feel like I’m letting people down by being so slow, I’m so sorryyyy

Special thanks to Zio, who helped with 115 a little and our second donor Leonhard M.!

(I’m still shocked that people think we’re good enough to donate to thank you so much T_T PS: Please keep in mind how clothes sold on Black Friday are made. In a few cases it’s done by illegal immigrants in be US who are exploited, but in most cases it’s done in third world countries like Bangladesh where young girls are pulled away from schools (MALALA FOUNDATION) and forced to work 16 hours a day, every day at extremely low wages in labor condition violating sweatshops
And my friend who informed me of this says (i just stole and rearranged his words tbh) :
So for the sacrifice of those exploited global citizens, lets #MakeFridayLiveableAgain <- he’s trying to make this trend, although I doubt it will work, but who knows :P)


Both are Foxes translation start

OKies so

upon closer inspection, the person who translated both are foxes has no intention of translating it and instead would like someone to pick it up so

here is the synopsis:

She has stunning looks and talents that are even more amazing, but she hides both deeply because she understands that beauty is never a blessing and that women who are not as capable are held in higher regard, especially in this ancient society where evil runs amok. So to the common eye, she is an ugly woman, so ugly even ghosts would be too afraid to look at her, a weak, ignorant lady.

An imperial edict forces her to marry the well-renowned prime minister of Dong Ling. She cleverly deals with her situation as she faces hidden and openly disdainful looks, smiling coldly and looking on indifferently. She did not want any of this. Why do women make things harder for other women?

She is the ugly, cowardly, useless, frail Lady Zi Yinye. But she is actually the handsome and brilliant prime minister Ye Yin!!

(Creds: partly editted by my friend who will be going by the name PinkTotoro and accuracy checked by Kanoi and Eric)

Stunning Edge Chapter 110

hiiiiiii chapter 110
Shoutout to Cavad A. (keeping last name out if you want to be anonymous) for first donation!! And a shoutout to psychobee, ricecal, Dark Jackel, and kirindas (I see you guys all da time you da real mvp’s :D)
Also, got a suggestion for Both are Foxes. I read a translation of the synopsis and it seems right up my alley, I’m just worried that someone’s been translating and I just dunno about it. I’m going to translate the synopsis myself and post it. If I hear at any point someone else is translating it, I’m going to drop.

Stunning Edge Chapter 109

Hahahaha…. I’m back
I think Eric (translator of Ancient One) might be back this week too but not 100% sure
without any further ado
Stunning Edge Chapter 109

Plus we now have our own domain!!! All ad revenue will go either towards donating and buying raws and stuffs. Greenpeace is now going to have it hard now that America has a president who doesn’t think global warming is a thing :/