Stunning Edge Chapter 121

Thank you Cristina and HOLY CRAP THANK YOU JOVY ($50?????? )
All donations highly appreciated!!! It will all be going to charity minus money for raws (finally not in the red any more lol)
Wordpress hasn’t shown us what we’ve made from last month yet -_- but hopefully they show it soon.

OKOK I know you guys all waiting for this chapter enjoy~~~~~~


7 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 121

  1. Heey thanks for the update!
    Can I ask something? I felt like I’ve read this chapter before… I vaguely remember that the story halt right after the mc get back from the pararel world in which her lotus master reside in. It was probably 10+ chapter ahead from this…But then I dont know?? I only read from novelupdates and nothing more. It only have you and atticreader there that translated it. But there wasnt any traces of that kind of chapter. Is it related to your changing domain or something? Just wanted to ask, pure curiosity bcs I’ve waited for the update long. Hope you dont mind 🙂 thanks


    • Heey I realized my fault. I read the stunning edge forum and I realized my fault. Im sorry, I shouldnt have asked. Dont mind my previous comment. Thanks a lot!


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