Stunning Edge Chapter 133


creds: BuzzBannana and Devila

Hanirabi! Episode 7

Finally, the last chapter is here!! We’ll announce the next novel that we’re going to post shortly!

A new character song from Honey Rabbit! has been uploaded!!


Character song 03:

Title: Star Rabbit (Star Rabbit)

Vocal: Amatsuki & Itou Kashitarou (天月-あまつき- & 伊東歌詞太郎)

Lyrics & music: Lefty Monster (レフティモンスター)

Synopsis of Episode 7:

Located at the center of a street, the ”Star Rabbit” cafe is known for its delicious afternoon tea. As a result, it is popular among female customers.

… However, “Star Rabbit” is now in danger…!?


Some reminders:

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  • Please do not reupload any pictures of any manga that are originally in Japanese from this website to any other websites without our permission because we purchased the raws.


TL: Seijaku no Marionette (Penny, Kanoi)

Grammar: tako, Buzz

Lyrics grammar: tako

Stunning Edge Chapters 131-132

I was planning doing Both are Foxes, but welp, it just happened this way.
Happy New Years!!

Special thanks to my friend who will be going by devila for helping a little with chapter 132!

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