Both Are Foxes Chapter 11

Chapter 11: A Sick Visit

Suggestions for synonyms of sardonic and other ways to describe fake smiles?

Also:  mini-Announcement – spring break is the week Mar. 5th – 11th, just a heads up



5 thoughts on “Both Are Foxes Chapter 11

  1. Sardonic doesn’t mean fake, but rather mocking or sarcastic. It carries a tinge of scorn.
    Good synonyms for fake (as in “fake smile”) are false, feigned, and phony (the latter doesn’t sound that well in a literary context?)
    Thank you very much for this chapter. I love this type of complex ancient novels the most.


      • Ah, okay. So it’s a matter of what “flavor” the fakeness is. The synonyms I offered before (false, feigned) are neutral, just a straight-up indication of insincerity without any added complexity. The other category of synonyms (sardonic->mocking, cynical, sarcastic; and then with the degree of contempt dialed up even more ->sneering, scornful, disdainful) kinda elaborate on the fakeness further, as in, what kind of fakeness it is, that it’s not merely insincere but also filled with contempt. And yep, this would totally fit an overbearing aristocratic woman who thinks herself above everyone else (or someone in particular) and views them with supercilious arrogance. But this wouldn’t be a clever woman, lol, with this total lack of subtlety. Yet I completely get your point. 🙂
        Btw, I love your translations. Not only the content, but also the presentation (vocabulary, grammar, punctuation) makes them a joy to read. Thank you so much for all your hard work–and for picking a smart novel. 😀


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