Stunning Edge Chapter 142


And special thanks to Patrick S. for your donation!


4 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 142

  1. I cant wait for the day Claire kicks that butthurtnjelly bitch’s ass, slaughter that damn pope and slaps that “good” goddess of light!

    Also,nthx for the chapter!


  2. No reply on the chapter’s page? I’m sad I’m catching up. Only one more chapter to read. Thank you for translating this story, even through the trouble with the two who left you. I wish their updates wouldn’t get in the way of yours on Novel Updates. Do you know what kind of update schedule you’ll be able to have? I really want to see Claire beat down the Pope and the Goddess. He seems to be way too small of a man to have such a big title. I wish I could read Chinese – I feel bad having to mooch off all these hardworking translators to get my CN fixes.

    Thanks for all your work! I’m really enjoying this story.


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