Stunning Edge Chapter 161


Side note:

You might be wondering why the poll is not here…

So even though the poll was only around a week, it became pretty clear that Doctors without Borders was consistently getting around 50% of the votes and that continuing to poll wouldn’t be necessary

So yeah, $500 bucks to Doctors without Borders and $100 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, applause to all people who donated and thank you readers for the ad revenue 

(I know this might sound small, but I’m pretty proud :3)

In order for people to not feel like I’m lying or something I feel like I might upload a YouTube video as proof or smth, but yeah.

Thanks everyone!


3 thoughts on “Stunning Edge Chapter 161

  1. With regards to donations I think people miss that HOW the money is spent is just as important. For instance some organizations take large chunks of money out for “administrative” purposes and then there is What they exactly spend on as many charities waste money on ineffective or illogical relief plans usually driven by ideology making them deny the known proven paths etc. or act in an extreme retaliatory measure against perceived injustices. I have no idea how one can check the true track record for some of these charities thus I hadn’t voted. Hopefully Doctors without borders and the Harvey relief fund(the wild card of the two) will put the money to good use.


    • Yeah, it’s kind of sad that you only need to donate 15% to be considered a nonprofit…. But Doctors without Borders has a high reputation and the Harvey Relief Fund was set up by the mayor himself, so I’m hoping it’s legitimate

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