Stunning Edge Chapter 210


“bird people” in chinese means like damn wretch, or motherfucker
pseudo-similarly, “small bird” refers to the male genitalia, a term often used by kids
I just find it interesting that a lot of insults in Chinese and English (and many other languages) associate animals with insults.

(In fact, I had an interesting conversation with my friends about this: donkey (ass), dog (bitch), cat (pussy), etc.)

Hopefully no one was insulted by my analysis of insults XD

Thank you Dung T. for your kind donation!


One thought on “Stunning Edge Chapter 210

  1. Pity they discriminate against avians… Angels are ok to discriminate against, but birds are cute and adorable well except ducks ducks are terrifying. Plus that goddess and her lackeys so far don’t seem to be smart enough to beat a songbird on an intelligence test. 😛
    I always feel bad for the animals unfairly discriminated in insults humans seem to have this ingrained tendency to look down on other animals.
    Thanks for the chapter and since I hadn’t checked back in since the last update good luck with college 🙂


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