About BuzzBannana

If anyone is reading this, this is not finished.

Hello all,

My real name is Briana Z. and you can contact me at BuzzBannana@gmail.com. I live in a suburb offshoot of Dallas, Texas

Explanation of username:

The Buzz part:

My parents told me to be anonymous (because it was during elementary school), so I went with an entirely fake name on Facebook with only my initials the same, and ever since then, I’ve used the fake name of Buzz online. I created this email and username on whim back in 2009ish, right after I created my Facebook account. Some algorithm out there is probably extremely certain a middle-aged man named Buzz exists because of how many accounts I have under this name and how long I’ve maintained my accounts. You know, like how scammers and fake companies show legitimacy through how old they have existed?

The Bannana part:

Banana used to be somewhat of a nickname because it sounds similar to my first name, Briana, and at the time, BuzzBanana was already a username used by others/someone else, so I went with BuzzBannana. It was really on whim like most people’s usernames are, but I just maintained the username because it simply felt right. BuzzBanana@gmail.com, however unlikely this is, if you are reading this, you probably have so many emails directed towards you that were supposed to go to me. I’m so sorry.

TLDR of why I created this website:

I’ve always been interested in manga and other things I feel are the general “Asian” culture. I can’t remember which website I first stumbled onto, but I do remember I first read Japanese light novels, then a (or maybe more than one?) Korean webnovel, and finally, Chinese webnovels. The Chinese webnovels were definitely discovered through a resurgence of Chinese “manga” (more accurately, manhua) this past year, which I cannot explain. Just all of a sudden, there was a flooding of Chinese comics on the internet and I found Chinese webnovels by accident. I always wanted to fan-translate stuff like the total weeaboo I am, but I didn’t know how. Now, I’m aware that as long as you have photoshop or something similar, it’s really easy as long as you know the language. Anyways, I just saw translating Chinese webnovels as a “gateway” step, so to speak, the first step towards maybe translating Chinese manhua. I am perfectly capable now with Photoshop and could easily do so, but there were a few reasons why I decided to stick to the website (if you are interested. Gosh, I wrote this as a TLDR as I was working on the stuff below midway, but it’s so long):

– Almost every single manga website is


Long-winded explanation of the creation of the website + random stuff I find intriguing Actually, just my opinion of how the general Asian-American experience is like from an insider’s viewpoint:

An interesting teacher who is not my teacher but a teacher nonetheless has, in my opinion, an extremely accurate explanation for the general Asian-American second generation experience and culture, or more specifically, the American Born Chinese (ABC) experience. I’m going to add on to his theory with my own experience and understanding of American society.

First and foremost, I do not feel the need to clarify, but I’m sure most Americans understand that when people say “Asian”, they mean “Yellow”, even if India and other countries not “Yellow” are in Asian. This is different in, say Britain, where most people think of the Middle East and “Brown” people as Asians. I do not know where this distinction came from, but I believe – emphasis on BELIEVE, as in I am no expert and this is merely my opinion – it is the results o

Disregarding how Asians are known for being hardworking and academically driven due to their parents, there is no pervading Chinese-American culture

Guesstimation of how an American that is not Asian would view Asians. Actually, probably just referring to Anglo-Americans:

I did a paper in AP European history about Jesuits that I think explains partially some viewpoints that still exist today.

More stuff that I thought of when trying to come up with why I created this website:

– I find it interesting that the phenomenon of the flooding of Japanese comics was so large that the term “Manga”, meaning comics in Japanese, was born. It is so widely accepted that I think it’s actually in the dictionary now. There is no red squiggle underneath on WordPress as I type. Edit: just did a search on Google, Manga is a noun meaning: “a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children.”

– The word “weeaboo” seems like an insult intentionally created because “otaku” didn’t sound insulting enough.

– The more I think about it, the more I embody the “millennial” stereotype. Most young people view jobs as not their passion, but a source of income. This is part of my passion, I’m passionate about writing and creating but I SUCK at it. There is no way for me to make a sustainable living off of this, or rather, a living close to my current standard of living. I view it as a goal in life (and I do think this is an American, or maybe even global view) that children should at least have the same standard of living as their parents. So while I am insanely horrible at writing, as my English essay scores of the past, whether it be the SAT or STAAR,