About BuzzBannana

Hello all,

My real name is Briana Zhang and you can contact me at briana.j.zhang@gmail.com or buzzbannana@gmail.com. I live in a suburb offshoot of Dallas, Texas.

TLDR of why I created this website:

I’ve always been interested in manga and other things I feel are the general “Asian” culture. I can’t remember which website I first stumbled onto, but I do remember I first read Japanese light novels, then a (or maybe more than one?) Korean webnovel, and finally, Chinese webnovels. The Chinese webnovels were definitely discovered through a resurgence of Chinese “manga” (more accurately, manhua) around 2015, which I cannot explain. All of a sudden, there was just a flooding of Chinese comics on the internet and I chanced upon Chinese webnovels. (I’d love to know if there was some socio-political reason why.) I had always wanted to fan-translate stuff like the total weeaboo I am, but I didn’t know how (because I don’t know Japanese). Now, after taking art courses and learning how to use Photoshop, I’m aware that it’s really easy as long as you know the language. (Although cleaning would take more expertise). Anyways, I just saw translating Chinese webnovels as a “gateway” step, so to speak, towards maybe translating Chinese manhua, but I’m fairly satisfied just sticking to webnovels for now. It’s really fun and I highly enjoy all your support and reading all your comments!



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