About Us

This is a group of random people on the internet of many languages (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese), some which are trying to improve their Chinese by translating web novels and others who are really awesome at both Chinese, English, AND Japanese and are just helpful angels <3. Enjoy!

Here is a picture that will get rid of any negative thoughts of the day:

Previously known as japanesemafialady.wordpress.com, this website was originally created by BuzzBannana who came up with the idea and was planning on translating all by herself, but never had the guts to do so. The name was based off of whim and also based on the fact that she is a total weeb and named herself randomly because of this photo she really likes, which is now her profile picture for wordpress, which I’m not sure people can see but oh well. It was the previous icon. I mainly translate Stunning Edge and Both are Foxes. Qualifications: Perfect score on grammar part of PSAT good enough?

Then came along friends!!! (We formed a club at school, hence the facebook page name. And yes, Buzz Zhu is an alias for twitter, I never knew it would come in handy one day cuz I never use it.)

Thus the website was renamed Kakkokari but since BuzzBannana is stupid she didn’t know how to change the website url lol (I’m sorry I’m stupid)
Seijaku no Marionette is mainly powered by two people, Kanoi and Penny. The rest of us help with the small stuff to work the kinks out. They translate Japanese stuff and are awesome!

Eric has started translating Ancient One.

After realizing the wasted views of the website only paying wordpress and how we could use this website to make money to donate, we bought the domain which was necessary to have WordAds and our URL changed to what it is now  😀
Kanoi made our lovely icon and cover photo!

If you prefer facebook or twitter to emails for following the blog, they’re on the sidebar!

This website was created for educational purposes and spreading culture. Under the Fair Use act, we are not liable for legal charges.


15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi ,
    I read your post regularly!! Thank you for translating Imperial Harem.

    I was wondering if you were it was possible for you to may consider translating Man Chao Huan ( a.ka. A Court Full of Happiness).

    The translation is hiatus since June 25,2013. However, the plot of the novel seems to be really interesting, so I was wondering if you would consider translating this novel as well?


  2. Hi

    Thank you very much for translating such amazing novels. Its my 3rd novel I started reading and I dont regret it at all. I always look forward to your other updateds!! 😀 thanks again ♥♥♥

    If I can make a suggestion.. could u think about translating this novel too

    This was my 2nd novel I started and got addicted too.. unfortunately the trasnlator is on hiatus and there is no respond if it will be translated
    http://lmfyd.blogspot.de/p/summer-3.html this is the page of the translator :}

    Thanks again :3


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