AO Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Awakening

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Recently random scenes and events kept flashing in Li Yun Xiao’s mind. Sometimes he heard someone chanting something in his mind. The chanting sounds seem to be part of a scripture. As time went on, Li Yun Xiao learned more from the chanting sounds.

Eventually, Li Yun Xiao became unconscious due to the continuous mental instability. When he woke up from his blackout, the parts of the scriptures suddenly were connected and the expression of his eyes suddenly changed, becoming as deep and profound as the universe. He was finally awake.

Someone else possessed his body.

“Rebirth?” The body of Li Yun Xiao was in a classroom. He glanced out the window and saw a colossal statue which had the date of the current year engraved on it. “The year 1033 of Tian Wu, 15 years after I, Gu Fei Yang, died?”

The person controlling Li Yun Xiao was not himself, but Gu Fei Yang. He was once one of the ten most powerful Kings and Queens of martial arts, but somehow died during an incident at the mountain of Tian Dang. Many forces and sects seized this opportunity and started to fight against each other to expand and consolidate their power. The world was now in turmoil once more.

Li Yun Xiao smiled to himself, “ I never expected this. Haha!” He laughed heartily. “I, Gu Fei Yang, am finally back!”  

A voice came out of nowhere. “Li Yun Xiao!”

Someone threw a piece of chalk aimed at Li Yun Xiao’s face.

Li Yun Xiao looked up, and casually snatched the chalk in midair, coldly looking at the teacher, Luo Yun Shang, who was right in front of him. By the looks on the teacher’s face you could tell she was having a bad day.

Li Yun Xiao didn’t really pay attention in class. It would be unusual if he actually did. The teacher picked on him particularly. She needed some unlucky guy to vent her rage on.

Known infamously as an  useless guy, Li Yun Xiao is the best candidate for teachers to pick on if they were ticked off for any reason. Whenever teaches were in a bad mood, people knew that Li Yun Xiao was going to suffer.

There were snickers and giggles in the classroom. Most of the students were anticipating what was going to happen to Li Yun Xiao.

Li Yun Xiao stared at Luo Yun Shang, still daydreaming. “Wow, this woman is actually sexy. If she wore red gown, silver boots, a blue cape, and had the frost of sadness, she would be another Red Lotus Martial Queen. Oh man, I think Red Lotus that woman would kill me if she knew what I was thinking!”

There was a hint of laughter and pervertness in his eyes. Luo Yun Shang looked into his eyes. She shivered like a docile bunny that was locked down by a tiger.

“What on Earth? This brat’s expression… Is he laughing? What! I am a level four star martial master! Why am I feeling fear from this guy?! Aghh…  I guess it’s just because I got stuck on my project. My emotions are not that stable.”

   The fear in her eyes dissipated quickly. She regained her stability and smirked “Li Yun Xiao, we just talked about the refining of myst weapons. Can you tell me the number of the ways to refine the basic myst weapons?”

Luo Yun Shang was just teaching Refining*. Although only a few people can become refining masters, knowing some basics of refining was important to be successful.

    “Hmph, refining myst* weapons, I was once a freaking stage nine refining master. Except for those old af guys, there is no one who can beat me at refining!”

“There are forty-eight ways to refine basic myst weapons.”


The classroom was silent for a moment, followed immediately by a burst of laughter.

“Is this guy still daydreaming?”

“I actually trusted him for a split second!”

“Hmph, if he really knew the correct answer I would already be the country’s protector!”

Meanwhile, Li Yun Xiao flipped through the textbook on his desk “The basic myst weapons has thirty-six ways to refine. Each of…”

He closed the book and looked at the cover, which was titled The Basics of Refinery, and the author’s name on the bottom: Yang Di.

“That brat! I told him everyday that there are freaking forty-eight ways to refine! He never listens to me! I’m not going to give him any lectures from now on!”

Li Yun Xiao ignored his classmates and continued, “There are thirty-six ways to refine in traditional ways. But sixty years ago, Gu Fei Yang found twelve more ways on refining, which was approved by the refining union, added on with the thirty-six ways. That is where the forty-eight ways came from.”

“Yeah right, how can he know more than master Yang Di?”

“I guess he’s just changing the topic.”

“Of course, Yang Di, as Gu Fei Yang’s student, has to know the basics of refinery!”

Mumbles start to fill up the classroom.

“Everyone SHUT UP! He’s right!”

Luo Yun Shang slammed the table.

Li Yun Xiao took a few looks of her. He smiled, “Four stage two star? She does have some Hun power. A high level refiner?”

There are nine stages of the mastery of martial arts, and each stage is split into nine sections called “stars”. At the peak of stage nine star nine, one can receive a title from the sage castle.

Luo Yun Shang was astonished and impressed by Li Yun Xiao. She stopped focusing on him and turned her attention to the class. “There were only thirty-six basic ways to refine until master Gu Fei Yang, with his genius refinery techniques, made twelve more, which were approved by the union of refinery. But the twelve ways that Gu Fei Yang invented were too hard to be mastered by normal people. While writing the BASICS of refinery, master Yang Di did not introduce them in his book.

Not only was Luo Yun Shang astonished, the class was shocked too. Li Yun Xiao? Are you kidding me? The worst student in the class? Could answer a hard question like that correctly?

Luo Yun Xiao was a little excited. “A martial arts failure. Hmm, is Li Yun Xiao better at refinery!? If I can train him into a refiner! Aha! That would be way better than cultivating Yuan Qi and trying to improve at the martial art stages!”

Give him some other questions!

“Hmph, knowing some unusual things doesn’t mean you are a good student. I’m going to ask you another question. If you answered it right, you don’t need to learn from my lectures anymore. I will give you full credit for everything. But if you can’t, humph, stay in the tenfold g-force room and don’t come out until I tell you to! Can you tell me why do you add light crystal sand during the process of smithing a myst weapon?”


“Six hours in the tenfold g-force room. Oh my!”

“Didn’t you see Ms. Luo was ticked off today?”

“Who on Earth knows why?”


   “Tenfold force?”

Li Yun Xiao shook his head. If it was before, he wouldn’t feel a thing even under a thousandfold g-force. With this body, Li Yun Xiao could barely make it through tenfold.

Luo Yun Shang thought Li Yun Xiao was scared of the punishment. “Garbage is always garbage,” Luo Yun Shang thought, “There is no way that he can answer my question.”

She regretted picking on Li Yun Xiao afterwards. I mean, it was her own student, and Li Yun Xiao did do well on the last one. There was no reason for her to quench his passion for refinery.

But right when she was regretting her decision, Li Yun Xiao answered her question immediately.

“You don’t really need that light sand to refine myst weapons. It’s just something to increase the compatibility between different materials.”


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