AO Chapter 2

Chapter 2: During Class

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There was a long period of silence in the classroom. Nobody had any idea what Li Yun Xiao was talking about.

But Luo Yun Shang knew.

Her pupils widened, and she asked, “According to your theory, light sand crystal should be added as much as possible. Then why does the refining of scarlet copper and flaring gold fail if too much sand is added?”

This was the reason why Luo Yun Shang was ticked off lately. She had been experimenting on scarlet copper and flaring gold and always failed to make the two elements compatible during the refinery process. “Maybe Li Yun Xiao does know something,” Luo Yun Shang thought to herself. She wasn’t a examiner anymore. She was more of a student, waiting for Li Yun Xiao to answer her question.

“Although scarlet copper has the element of gold, it’s more of the fire element, which can dissolve the flaring gold. A lot of refiners prefer to upgrade their scarlet copper with flaring gold because it is easy to dissolve. If you use light sand, then that’s another story.”

Li Yun Xiao looked at Luo Yun Shang. She seemed like a toddler trying to learn to talk. Li Yun Xiao thought of his disciples and smiled. “ Because light sand has the water element, it can offset the fire characteristics in scarlet copper, making it harder to dissolve the flaring gold.”

“AH!” Luo Yun Shang stiffened. Her mouth opened so wide you could put an apple in it, “How on Earth did I not think of that!” She started to imagine the refining process in her head.

Every single detail of refining started to show up in her head, to the end of the process. Her expression became more joyful, and there was a smirk on her face.

“Where is he?” Luo Yun Shang finally came back to her senses.

“He… He left the class,” a student said.

“WHAT! Skipping MY class, ignoring ME!”

“But, but you said that if he… he answered your question correctly, he wouldn’t need to listen to your lectures anymore…”


Luo Yun Shang slammed the table, “Did anyone hear me say that?”


“Class dismissed! Tell Li Yun Xiao if I don’t see him for my next lecture, I am going to make him stay in the tenfold g-force room for three days!”

There was another slam, this time the door, and Luo Yun Xiao walked out of the classroom.

“What was that?” Du Feng asked after Luo Yun Xiao left. He ran up to Lan Fei. “Hey boss, do you know what’s going on?”

“How the frick am I supposed to know!” Lan Fei seemed to be the leader of a group, and people started to crowd around him. “The brat knows a lot about refinery.”

“No way…” Shang Guan exclaimed, “How can that worthless punk know that much about refinery? What should we do?! Refiners seem to have a high status in this society. I don’t want to offend a refiner!”

Lan Fei slapped Shang Guan’s face.

“Refiner? Hmph! What refiner! He just read some books! Refining requires more innate talents than training in martial arts. He can’t even open one chakra to utilize. How can he be a refiner?”

His small group agreed with him.

Lan Fei walked to the front of the classroom. “If anyone tells what Ms. Luo just said, you’ll know what happens after school!”

There were sixty people in the classroom. Everyone was one of the descents of the various ministers in the Water kingdom that Li Yun Xiao was living in. There are two different parties in the kingdom, and the students in the classroom were naturally divided into two groups against each other according to their ancestry.

“Hey, you guys!” Lan Fei pointed at Qin Ru Xue, Chen Zhen, and Han Bai. “If Li Yun Xiao comes for the next class, the first people I’m gonna beat up are you guys.”

The people that Lan Fei pointed to were Li Yun Xiao’s friends. You can say that they are against the party that Lan Fei was in.

“So what! I’ll tell him what the teacher said! What are you going to do to me then?” Qin Ru Xie shouted back.

“Princess Qin, I don’t care if your father is the king. I just opened my seventh chakra. With my talent, I am sure he wouldn’t care.”

Just when Qin Ru Xue wanted to punch Lan Fei, Han Bai stopped her, “We are a little weak compared to him. It doesn’t matter. Just let it go.”

On some street~~~~~

“What is this garbage body! Now I know why I was the weak guy! I can’t even congregate any Yuan Qi in my chakras! Aghhhh. I have to try to improve my body conditions.”

He up to a building. “Water Kingdom’s refinery union? Oh, that brat Yang Di was here before. Let me see if I can find him. Everything would be way easier if I found him.”

The refinery union, a strong force dispersed throughout the whole Tian Wu continent. Under normal circumstances, no one would really try to offend refiners.

Which he just did.

“Where the f*** is Yang Di? Tell him to come here.”

“Uh sir…”

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