AO Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Refinery Union

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“Who’s kid is here, get him out!” a refiner shouted.

A servant came. “Uh… Sir, what do you want?” The servant’s name was Lu Yao. She had been helping the refining union for years, which gave her enough experience to not shun anyone immediately. The little guy in front of him could have been the son of the head of the refinery union.

“I need Yang Di right now. Is he here?”Li Yun Xiao was still in the refinery union.

“Yang… Yang Di?”

“What on earth?” Lu Yao bit her tongue. She looked at Li Yun Xiao. “He doesn’t look familiar, right? Is he the prince of water kingdom?”

She panicked, “You mean the ex-chairman master Yang Di?”

“Ex-chairman? He left already?!”

“Master Yang Di became a stage four refiner twenty years ago. Now he is at the headquarters of the refinery union.”

Li Yun Xiao sighed.

His body is already fifteen years old, and he had already missed the golden days to train. If he stayed at this level even longer, it would be impossible to be as powerful as he once was as Gu Yun Fei.

   “I have a list of herbs. Can you help me find some?” Li Yun Xiao handed a list to her.

This body has to be remedied before it is too late!

Li Yun Xiao was once the master of martial arts and refinery. If he said he was second, no one could say they’re first. Once one of the ten of the most powerful kings of martial arts, Li Yun Xiao also was one of the seven most skilled refiners of the union.

Lu Yao scanned the list, and smiled, “Sir, I have served in the refining union for almost four years. I haven’t even heard of any of those herbs before.”

This made Li Yun Xiao start to worry; he needed to cleanse his chakras so that he could train his body. Considering that this refinery union was only a division of the union, Li Yun Xiao substituted some rare herbs with more common ones. Even so, the division didn’t seem to have adequate supplies to serve his needs.

“What are you doing? Lu Yao?”

A man clad in black robes walked by. There was a  crest badge on his shoulder. A red line was drawn over the badge, indicating that he was a stage one refiner.

Every person that he walked past bowed to him, showing their respect whether they were sincere or not. The respect was more because of the badge on his shoulder. As for the man in the black robe, no one really payed any attention.

Not only does being a refiner mean that the person can refine and make certain potions, but it’s also about the social status that comes with it. With this badge on the black robe guy’s shoulder, he could receive top treatment everywhere he goes in the Tian Wu continent.

Lu Yao turned around and bowed, “Master Jia Rong, this gentleman gave me a list of herbs to let me help him collect.”

Jia Rong skimmed the list. ”What is this?” He crumpled the paper up and threw it away. “Master Liang needs you to help him.”

Lu Yao heard that it was master Liang who needed her assistance, so she immediately ran away.

“Hmph, even master Jia Rong didn’t know the herbs on that list! Why did I waste my time with that Li Yun Xiao guy.”

Li Yun Xiao was pi**ed off. “When I was Gu Yun Fei, people had to beg me for my refinery prescriptions. And you? You threw it away as if it was garbage,” Li Yun Xiao thought to himself. He looked at Jia Rong, “So you’re Jia Rong? You just got to stage one refiner for seven days, right?”

“Who are you?” Jia Rong asked, “Everyone knows that I got to stage one seven days ago.”

“Really, did you really?”

Jia Rong’s pupil dilated. He looked around, making sure no one is listening, and asked, “What do you mean?”

Li Yun Xiao looked at his hand, “You have some special gray dots on your finger tips. It’s obvious that you used the dark wind stone to level up on your refinery skills. It’s gives a temporary boost, but the side effects of it are really dangerous. Hmm, you smell like the fire orchid. Did you attempt to resist the side effects of the dark wind stone? ”  

Jia Rong froze out of shock.

“You smell sort of fishy. You were using tiger sulfur stone for your refinery examination, right?

Jia Rong didn’t interrupt him.

“You should feel massive pain at the middle of your chest, your thigh, your ankles, and your knees. Am I not right?”

You can hear Jia Rong’s jaw drop to the ground. Sweat covered his face.

Li Yun Xiao shooked his head. “Ah, what a waste of such a talented refiner. The only way to survive from the stone is to cut off your hands, Jia Rong. You also need to destroy your dantian.

“Shut… shut the f*** up!”

“Oh well then, I wanted to tell you a way to get rid of the situation, but I think I should shut up.” Li Yun Xiao shrugged, sighing.

“You have a way to fix it?” Jia Rong stepped up to Li Yun Xiao and grabbed him by the arm. “Tell me, tell me right now!”

Jia Rong had recently been doing what Li Yun Xiao was saying. He knew it was illegal but tried it anyways to pass his stage one refinery test. He tried so many ways to fix the situation but the effects just got worse. Whatever the kid said could possibly be Jia Rong’s only hope.

“Please tell me! Tell me right now!” Jia Rong shook Li Yun Xiao by the shoulder, hoping he would give him an answer.

“Ah, master Jia, I can’t find my list. Where did it go? Did someone crumpled it up? Where did it go?”

“Here, here,” Jia Rong immediately picked up the list. People nearby him were sending weird glances. Some were mocking him for being so obedient to a fifteen-year-old.

“I need to get the remedy first. I will one day have my revenge for this, you brat!” Jia Rong thought to himself.

After Jia Rong retrieved the list, he uncrumpled it and handed it to Li Yun Xiao.

Li Yun Xiao blew his nose in it, then threw it on the ground. “I need ten of each of the herbs on the list! Find me in the Jolan academy when you are done!”

“You…” Jia Rong suppressed his anger. “What is your name?”

“My name is Li Yun Xiao!”

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  2. oh i see!! ericandstudy your translating is marvelous and beautifully done and most of all i love this “Ancient One” this will be my number 1 novel now eventhough its slow but work hard!! 🙂


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