AO Chapter 4

Chapter 4: In front of the school

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Li Yun Xiao looked at Jia Rong. “Don’t try to get your revenge on me. I’m telling you now, most of the people who tried are not alive anymore. I hope you will cherish your chance. Oh and by the way, you probably want to get my stuff in four days. Your hand is probably going to stop working after that. If your hand doesn’t work, without a stage nine refiner, which I doubt you can find, don’t expect to be a refiner in this lifetime.”

Jia Rong was shaking uncontrollably. “Four days? I haven’t even heard of half of the herbs on the list! How am I supposed to know if you are fooling with me!”

Li Yun Xiao smiled, “Well, that’s your problem. Find some leaves of moon bamboo and some wolf ginseng to relieve your pain. Those herbs can still preserve your right hand for two more days. Hope you get lucky. See ya~”

Jia Rong was thinking of the list that Li Yun Xiao needed, and the next second, Li Yun Xiao was gone. Jia Rong pinched his right hand. He couldn’t feel a thing.

“He’s just a normal kid. Neither a refiner, nor a fighter. How can he make me feel fear?” Jia Rong clenched his fists. “I’ll let you live for another few days. If I get the way to cure my hand, I’ll get my revenge! Jolan academy! Li Yun Xiao!”


   At the third floor of the refinery union

Liang Wen Yu was talking to Lu Yao. “Here are ten pounds of crane root and pale phoenix dragon lotus. Give it to the minister, Lang Hon, immediately.”

“Crane root? Pale phoenix dragon lotus?” Lu Yao wasn’t really paying attention. “Those really exist?”

Liang Wen Yu asked, “What happened? What are you saying?”

“Sorry, master Liang. A moment ago, a kid gave me a list and needed my help to find the herbs for him. I thought he was just fooling around because I didn’t know any of the things on the list. Crane root and pale phoenix dragon lotus were on the list.”

“A kid?”

“Those herbs are used to increase the strength of people who are culturing and learning martial arts. Where’s the list?”

“Jia Rong told me to come to you, so I think he returned the list back to that kid.”

“Oh,” Liang Yu Wen was a bit disappointed, “Do you still remember anything on it?”

“Hm… milk of vacuum, wet women flower, levitating bud, strange feathery flower…”

As Lu Yao listed most of them out, Liang Wen Yu’s doubt turned into astonishment, and then into shock.

He was utterly shocked. Although Liang wen Yu himself has not heard of half of the herbs on the list, from the herbs that he knew, he found a really intricate relationship between them.

“It has to be a really good potion to increase the strength of cultivators!” Liang wen Yu thought to himself.

“Find that kid immediately! It’s a powerful mixture!”

“What, sir?” Lu Yao couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you sure? I think that kid was just playing around.”

“No, no. Not at all. No one is playing around. Here.” Liang Yun Wen handed her a bag full of money. “Ask people around this area and find him. This is for your expenses.”

“Yes, sir!”

Luo Yao grabbed the bag and ran out of the union building immediately.

Li Yun Xiao was walking in the streets as usual, trying to see what was in his storage ring.

“What kind of garbage is this! A book, some stupid bottle…” Li Yun Xiao was throwing these away while he was walking until he found a black sword.

“This looks nice. About fifty pounds. Ga!~~ Why is this so heavy now! I miss my old sword so much. Sigh~ where did it go…”

“Well before I open my seventh chakra, I’ll be using this.” Li Yun Xiao was walking towards Jolan academy with his sword resting on his shoulder. “After I have some yuan qi, I’ll make a myst weapon myself.”

“What are you guys doing? Chen Zhen, Han Bai?” Li Yun Xiao was already at the front gate of the school.

“Where did you go, I and Han Bai were searching everywhere for you! Dude, today Ms. Luo was so mad at the end of the lecture, she said you…”

“Chen Zhen, what do you think you’re doing!”

The shout came from Du Feng, who was behind Chen Zhen. “Do you want to oppose my boss, Lan Fei?”

“Shut the **** up,” Chen Zhen shouted back. “I’m just passing on what Ms.Luo said to Li Yun Xiao. Li Yun Xiao, Ms. Luo said…”

“Stop talking!” Du Feng started to form the eagles hand, trying to attack Chen Zhen.

Chen Zhen’s face immediately turned pale. He backed away as quickly as he could. Du Feng had already opened four chakras, and he had way much more yuan qi then Chen Zhen.

Han Bai, who had also opened his fourth chakra already, came to Chen Zhen’s rescue and saved him from the attack.

“You dare oppose us!” Another person from Lan Fei’s gang came by. His name was Luo Jie. “I just opened my fifth chakra last week! Do you want to be my first opponent? I’ll teach you the difference between one chakra!”

“Haha, Luo Jie, you came just on time! You two,” Du Feng pointed at Chen Zhen and Han Bai. “I’ll give you three minutes to **** off!”

Students were gathering around the fight.

“Well, show me how you’re going to make me **** off!” It was Qin Ru Xue who was talking. “What if I told him right now? Hey Li Yun Xiao, Ms. Luo told you to come to her next lecture, or else you will be punished!”

Du Feng and Luo Jie saw that it was the princess of the Water kingdom talking. Of course they couldn’t offend the princess. “You guys are lucky today! We’re leaving. You better shut your mouth next time!”

“Oh, so it’s just the ten-fold force punishment thing?” Li Yun Xiao wanted to cultivate and train in there anyways. “After the trouble is gone, you guys want to leave now? In your dreams!”

“What? You got a problem, you piece of garbage?” Du Feng stopped his tracks.

Li Yun Xiao grabbed his sword, “I don’t have any problems, I just want to know what’s the difference between a five chakra cultivator and a zero chakra cultivator.

Everybody was shocked for a second. Qin Ru Xue shouted, “Li Yun Xiao! What do you think you are doing!”

“Interesting!” Du Feng looked at Li Yun Xiao. “If you want to be defeated that badly, I’ll help you!”

Right when he finished speaking, Du Feng sprung out with his fist prepared, aiming at Li Yun Xiao’s head.

“Trash doesn’t have a right to talk!” Du Feng thought.

His smiled widened as the distance between him and Li Yun Xiao shortened, especially when he thought of the social status of Li Yun Xiao: he is the one of the ministers’ grandson!

“Watch out!” Chen Zhen, Han Bai, and Qin Ru Xue closed their eyes.

Li Yun Xiao was just a normal guy. How can he take a blow from a person that had already opened his fourth chakra?

One meter.

Fifty centimeters.

Ten centimeters.

One centimeter.


Everyone heard a loud thump. Du Feng’s fist was on Li Yun Xiao’s head, but Li Yun Xiao did not seem to feel anything. There were no signs of pain on his expression.

Half a centimeter! There was still half a centimeter of distance between Du Feng’s fist and Li Yun Xiao’s head!


Btw: I and Buzzbanana are different translators working on different books. Buzzbanana mainly works on Stunning Edge.There is no need to worry if Ancient One would effect the Stunning Edge updates(who cares about Ancient one anyways? Jk) , although she helps me a lot on the grammar things in Ancient One and gives me tips on translating to make the chapter more coherent, since I am really inexperienced. Anyways, no need to worry! Have a nice summer!

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