AO Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Kicking the balls

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A shriek came out of Du Feng, almost chilling the bones of everyone nearby. You can tell he was in deep pain.

“Du Feng!”

As Luo Jie shouted, Du Feng dropped to the ground, covering his balls with his hands.

Luo Jie clenched his fist, “Li Yun Xiao! How can you do that to your classmate!”

“Hmph, I didn’t do anything! Everybody saw that Du Feng was charging towards me, right? I just simply raised my knee, and somehow that idiot still ran into me!”


Luo Jie couldn’t say anything. Li Yun Xiao was actually right.

“But how?”

Everyone had the same question.

“I don’t care! You are going to pay for whatever you did to Du Feng!”Luo Jie suddenly disappeared. The next second, Luo Jie’s fist was already near Luo Yun Xiao.

“That brat seems to be in trouble! This person is a high level cultivator!”

“High level cultivator? After a person opens his or her fifth chakra he or she can become a high level cultivator. How many did he open?”

“Well it seems that Li Yun Xiao is definitely going to taste his defeat!”

“Li Yun Xiao! Run!”Han Bai ran towards Luo Jie in an attempt to slow him down.

A clatter came out of nowhere.

Li Yun Xiao grabbed his sword and pointed it to Luo Jie, who was charging at him.


Luo Jie’s fist came in contact with the sword

“Ah!~ My fist!~”

Another shriek.

Luo Jie clenched his fist. Blood was dripping on the floor. Flowers of red were all on the ground, Luo Jie felt bone-chilling pain from his hand.

“Wtf?”Han Bai stopped, looking at Li Yun Xiao awkwardly.

“What is happening”

“How can someone be so dumb. Even if Luo Jie is a cultivator that can use yuan qi, he can’t use his flesh to fight against a sword.”

    “I think there is something fishy, but Li Yun Xiao that brat does not have yuan qi on him. He can barely even lift up his black sword.”

“Yeah, something has to be wrong!”

Li Yun Xiao was once a nine stage cultivator. Calculating where Luo Jie’s fist is going to go would be a piece of cake for him. He just needed to raise his sword to the right spot at the right time.

“Bullying my friends? I will take care of your hands!”Li Yun Xiao readied his sword and prepared to chop Luo Jie’s hands off.

Luo Jie felt danger covering him, almost making him suffocate. He wanted to dodge Li Yun Xiao, but he felt powerless, weak. He didn’t feel that way even in front of a stage one cultivator.


Luo Jie’s left hand was gone. Blood splattered everywhere on the ground around him.

Li Yun Xiao looked at Du Feng, “And you piece of garbage! You found the wrong person to offend!”

“No! Master Li! Spare me!”

The next second Du Feng’s chakra on his hand was broken.

“Li, Li Yun Xiao, is it really you?” Qin Ru Xue was still in shock.

“Li Yun Xiao, did you open all your chakras?”Chen Zhen asked.

Li Yun Xiao shook his head, “How can it be that easy?”

“Then what is that?” Chen Zhen pointed at Luo Jie and Du Feng, who were moaning in agony on the ground.

“Did you not see they ran into me themselves?” Li Yun Xiao smirked.

“But… But…”

“No buts.” Li Yun Xiao laughed, “ You will know later. If the academy wants to punish me, there are witnesses everywhere. Tell the school officials to ask them for information.”He walked to his dorm.

“What…”Chen Zhen was definitely not convinced. Not only did Li Yun Xiao’s strength changed, but his charisma and aura also changed.

“Of course we would be your witnesses!” Qin Ru Xiao shouted, “The descents of Luo and Du are always opposing your descent. You know they are going to do something to you.”

“I don’t care.”Li Yun Xiao walked away to train.

Qin Ru Xue was somehow blushing, “Hmph! How can he not care with all that trouble! He changed so much!”She stomped on the floor.

“Although Du Feng and Luo Jie are the descents of powerful families, those two are not the core pupils. Yun Xiao is the son of the army general! There is no way Li Yun Xiao would get revenge, right?”

“In Jolan academy? Hmph! I know they are powerful, but they are not enough to offend the academy!”Chen Zhen shared his thoughts.

Han Bai sighed, “The people in the family can’t do anything, but the academy can’t do anything if students try to kill Li Yun Xiao.”

“You mean Lan Fei?”

Han Bai nodded, “ Everyone knows that Du Feng is one of Lan Fei’s gang members. Lan Fei already opened his seventh – chakra and is almost a stage one cultivator!”

Their expressions changed. There is a big difference between a stage one and stage zero cultivator. If Lan Fei needed to take revenge, there were be no way for Li Yun Xiao to survive.

They tried to find solutions but ended up with nothing. It was getting late and everyone went back to train.

In Jolan academy, the students are either geniuses or the royal descents like Li Yun Xiao.

The descents of Li is a big force in the water kingdom. Although Li Yun Xiao is a useless brat in cultivating, he still has a private dorm and a training room .

“I need to train this garbage as fast as possible! The tyrant body refining technique! Just for me! Got it right before I died in Tian Dang mountain in my previous life!”

He started to train for the technique. A weird aura started to disperse everywhere.


Li Yun Xiao lost his balance and dropped on the ground. He felt massive pain in his head.

PS: Sorry for the delay of the update of the chapters. I have to learn stuff during the summer.


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