AO chapter 6

Chapter 6: Refining technique

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“What is wrong with this technique! My body is going to split! How can it hurt this much!”

There are ten kings and queens of martial arts, or cultivators. Of the kings and queens, cultivator Ba Tian was considered the best.

And Li Yun Xiao’s supreme body refining technique came from Ba Tian just right before he died in Tian Dang mountain.

“With this technique training my body, even if I can’t open all my chakras in time, I can still get to stage nine!”

Li Yun Xiao inhaled deeply, and continued to train.

“Supreme body refining position one– blazing moon!”

He curled into a loop, working out his body. Under such pressure, his joints and muscles almost got pulled apart, accompanied by cracking sounds.

He stood in that position for about five seconds. His body collapsed on the floor again. This time blood splurted out from his mouth.


Li Yun Xiao added, “If Ba Tian, that a**hole, can do this, I can do better!”

Ten kings and queens. Although Ba Tian is considered as the most powerful of them, they aren’t really convinced. Every one of them thinks they’re better than the other.

“Blazing moon!”

~~~One day later, at the g-force training building:

Looking at the students walking in and out, Li Yun Xiao was thinking of the past. He was a normal cultivator at the time, like everyone, training day and night, hoping to become more powerful.

Everyone who got in the building came out tired and exhausted.

He stepped in a yellow building, which said tenfold g-force on the top.

As he came in, he felt as if his bones and muscles were crushed and squashed on the ground.

Li Yun Xiao did expect that to happen. He started to take big breaths. All the blood was surging to Li Yun Xiao’s foot, causing his body to deform.

Straight ahead, inside the building, are two hundred individual rooms for people to train in.

Number 15 was empty and Li Yun Xiao walked towards the room.

“Without training, my body cannot bear the herb’s effects through the chakra!”

Just when he stepped in the room, someone in white robes stopped him. “Hello, I am Yu He Zheng, seven chakra stage one cultivator. Are you new? Can you let me use this room?

“Let you my a**. Get the f*ck out!” Li Yun Xiao looked at him coldly.

Yu He Zheng’s expression changed dramatically and he suppressed his anger. “New? You don’t want to offend me. Next time when you have a problem in this academy, just tell them my name.”

“Tell your mom. Get out!”

“Trash like you doesn’t deserve this room. You don’t even have any yuan qi. I’m gonna teach you a lesson today!”

Once Yu He Zheng finished, he charged towards Li Yun Xiao.

“Tiger fist!”Yu He Zheng yelled.

“Yuan qi? Wow did he actually became a stage one cultivator?”

“No, he isn’t. If he actually got to stage one then it wouldn’t only be yuan qi.”

Listening to the crowd in the building, Yu He Zheng smirked. “I’m having a good day today. Just gonna break your limbs.” His girlfriend was right behind him. He needed to make himself look better to impress her.

“You call that a tiger fist? A cat can do better than you! The tiger fist needs to have the characteristics of a tiger. Every punch is aimed to knockout your opponent.”When everybody was worried about Li Yun Xiao, he was criticizing Yu He Zheng, as if he was a teacher correcting his students mistakes.

“This brat is not normal. A punch from a seven chakra cultivator. I can’t believe he has the guts to criticize him!”

“But what he said was actually right…”

Another student shook his head, “It doesn’t matter if he was right or not. That weak guy is going to get crushed by that seven chakra cultivator.

Yu He Zheng was also angry. The power of his fist somewhat increased. At first, he just wanted to break some of his bones. Now Yu He Zheng wants to destroy that showy brat’s dantian!

Li Yun Xiao took one step forward. His hand was formed into a claw. One could almost see a dragon flying out of his hand, opening it’s mouth.

The students around could even hear a faint roaring sound.

Yu He Zheng’s pupil dilated. Yu He Zheng though that he could win Li Yun Xiao easily with his Tiger fist, but he never thought that that brat could counter his move.

“I don’t care how good your moves are. I’m a seventh chakra cultivator! I can crush you with only this difference!”Yu He Zheng yelled.


Yu He Zheng felt pain from his arms. Li Yun Xiao had somehow clutched Yu He Zheng’s right arm. The power      of the tiger fist dissipated.

With his hand on Yu He Zheng’s arm, Li Yun Xiao swung his body towards Yu He Zheng’s chest and kicked him.

Yu He Zheng felt blood starting to gush up his throat. He backed off immediately, trying to find his balance.

“Sigh, this trashy body…” Li Yun Xiao thought. If he had strength equal to Yu He Zheng’s, Li Yun Xiao would have crushed him in a blink of an eye, but now, Yu He Zheng just felt dizzy and a little unstable.

“Wha, what just happened, did anybody see that?”

“How was Yu He Zheng’s fist countered by that brat who doesn’t have any yuan qi?”


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  1. Thanks a ton, i enjoyed the first 5 chapters, i got a TDG vibe from it so the wait was painful, i hate my parents for not having me learn Chinese from young!


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