BAF Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Probing

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“Correct.” Ye Yin nodded calmly as if he didn’t notice Dong Chen and Qiu Xing’s strange expressions.

“Young master, why are you after her first night? You traveled so hard, day and night without rest, pushing yourself, only for a prostitute’s…”

Seeing Ye Yin’s expression darkened, Qiu Xing shut up fearfully. She must have said something wrong. Her tone was a bit disdainful, but what young master hated the most was when they looked down on others.

Her face paling, Qiu Xing lowered her head. “Sorry, young master. I… I….”

“Qiu Xing, how many times have I told you all that all humans are equal, so you must be respectful of everyone? Only those who respect others can be respected. Prostitutes are also human. Many of them were forced into the situation. They have their own suffering, their own misery, so never look down on them.” Ye Yin’s voice was very flat, yet Qiu Xing continued to hear displeasure in his voice.

The young master was always forgiving towards them, but when he was truly angry, he would not hold back. But this was the first time it was for an outsider. Qiu Xing felt a bit wronged. She lowered her head. “Young master, I will remember. This will never happen again!”

Ye Yin crooked his head, casting his gaze at the hubbub below. “You did not completely understand, Qiu Xing. No one can control their own birth or who they are born to. Those born from the upper class are not necessarily superior to others. Everyone has dignity, so don’t use your biases to determine another person’s worth. People view prostitutes and beggars as scum, but it isn’t so. You must judge with your heart.”

“Young master, Qiu Xing understands, Qiu Xing will never do it again.”

“Young master, actually I too feel… Young master, are you… are you… What do want her first night for?” Dong Chen muttered.

Ye Yin chuckled. “Rouge is not just a beautiful and talented escort. After joining Intoxicated Dream for not even half a year, many notable people have been attracted. Think of how lively that night will be. We cannot afford to miss out.”

“Young master, you aren’t the type to get distracted from your goals. I** don’t believe you just want to join in on the hubbub. Young master, what exactly are you planning?”

“My plan? I only plan to use a beauty to bait two large fish, but I’m missing a beauty, so I came here to find one!”

Seeing the two’s dumbstruck expressions, Ye Yin laughed delightfully. While he laughed, the floor below started to murmur. Immediately after, a gorgeously dressed man appeared on the second floor. It was the man who had just been conned, the alluring beauty!

He swept his gaze across the floor with his enchanting, almond eyes. Unintentionally, his breathtaking beauty left many gulping as they watched him. A hush fell over the floor as everyone attempted to show a pleasing expression to the man. The man only smiled faintly, yet this small action was extraordinarily alluring!

Ye Yin was the only one not entranced. However, his own two servant girls were blushing furiously, eyeing the alluring man fervently.

A casanova! The two girls he had painstakingly taught all these years were also swooning, what could he be if not a casanova? Ye Yin quietly humphed disdainfully. Such men were either idiots or… sly foxes!

Those who used their appearance to lower other people’s guard and get what they want were simply unacceptable! Ye Yin cursed inwardly. It was as if he had not sensed the man’s gaze cast in his direction.

The gorgeously dressed man withdrew his gaze. By now, the entire second floor was filled. If he wanted to sit, he would have to share a table! They he would choose the young man in white. He was the one who had just been laughing at his demise from the upper floor. The gorgeously dressed man’s pretty eyes squinted, carefully sizing up the young man.

The young man had a beautiful appearance and a slim figure, looking very similar to a woman. However, his every movement did not have the shy air of a woman, but an aura of authority. This he liked very much. Furthermore, the young man was the only one who had not been entranced by his appearance. How fun it would be to tease such a person!

“Good sir*, can I** share a table with you?”

*They’re both very deferential with subservient I’s and addressing each other good sir.

His voice was entrancing, light and melodious. Ye Yin sighed in his heart, shaking his head. The moment the man had cast his gaze over, Ye Yin had already sensed a premonition. As expected…

Straightening his expression, right when Ye Yin was preparing to decline, Dong Chen and Qiu Xing had already flusteredly scooted over, as if the beautifully dressed man was their true master instead. Ye Yin rolled his eyes with annoyance. How could he have taken in such smitten fools as servants? How embarrassing!

Ye Yin had no choice but to swallow back his words because of the embarrassing actions of his two servant girls. In the end, he said unwillingly, “You may sit.”

Seeing Ye Yin shoot a furious glare at the two girls, the gorgeously dressed man chuckled. “Young master, your servant girls sure are entertaining!”

Ye Yin’s mouth twitched. He suppressed a smile. “No, no. Good sir, we have shown you an embarrassing side.”

“I** am Nangong Pianoran. Good sir, how should I address you?”

“I** am Ye Yin.” Ye Yin poured a cup of tea for Nangong Piaoran. “Brother Nangong, have you come to Yue city for Lady Rouge?”

“Not quite. I came for business, but I’ve decided to take a look at that Lady Rouge while I’m here.” Nangong Piaoran motioned for the waiter and added a few more dishes, then asked, “Brother Ye, with your exquisite charm, surely you also came specially to see Lady Rouge?”

“No, I also came for business and decided to see Rouge while i’m here.”

Nangong Piaoran paused, then chuckled. “Brother Ye sure is an interesting fellow! Brother Ye has come for the same reason as I**!”

Noticing the flash in Nangong Piaoran’s eyes as he chuckled, Ye Yin seemed to smile, yet was not smiling. “Brother Nangong, if those with the same goals as you, good sir, are all interesting, then there are too many people in the world who are interesting.”

Nangong Piaoran laughed again. “Brother Ye Yin, what business are you here for? Perhaps we could work together.”

“Just small business, no need for me to say.”

“Really? What a coincidence, I am also here for small business!”

“Haha, indeed, what a coincidence.”

The two refined men shared a glance and smiled, one smiling alluringly, the other smiling handsomely, but the smiles were both too fake, so fake that Dong Chen and Qiu Xing subconsciously recoiled. It was summer, yet why did they feel such cold gusts?

There were too many sly foxes in the world, and sometimes, foxes would cross paths!

Nangong Piaoran poured Ye Yin a cup of wine, hiding his assessing gaze. He raised his cup to toast. “Our meeting is fate. Brother Ye, cheers!”

“Brother Nangong, cheers!”

Ye Yin also raised his cup, then drank until not even a single drop was left. His movements were fluid, very natural and free.

Nangong Piaoran’s smile widened. The two sly men continued to pour and drink, both trying to probe each other out when they spoke, but neither giving leeway. Qiu Xing and Dong Chen listened to the senseless conversation boredly, rolling their eyes. Being able to spout senseless words like “Today’s weather is really good!” with false enthusiasm continuously without losing any spirit was really… formidable!

Seeing Ye Yin down cups one after the other without any change in expression, Nanrong Piaoran felt apprehensive. It seems this person was not a woman in disguise. Women could not be as forthright as Ye Yin was. An Adam’s apple could be faked, but natural temperaments could not be. One’s true nature is exposed with time.

Traveling here for business while bringing two servant girls? And their relationship seemed very intimate… humph! What business? His true aim was that he was after Rouge!

Nangon Piaoran’s eyes glinted. He smoothly changed the topic to Rouge. “I heard that this Lady Rouge is very mysterious. No one knows where she came from! Brother Ye, do you know?”

“How could I know something that no one knows about? I have only heard this Lady Rouge voluntarily joined Intoxicated Dream half a year ago. At the start, she only made guest appearances, playing just one song a day, selling her looks, but not her body. However, this only increased her fame and now, she is famous.”

Nangong Piaoran sighed, “You want what you cannot have! This Lady Rouge is skilled.”

Ye Yin smiled. Nangong Piaoran continued, “Brother Ye, you sound like you quite admire Lady Rouge, you must be determined to win her, I imagine.”

Finally switching to the topic at hand? Ye Yin lowered his gaze. He drank another cup of wine. “I do have that wish, but I am not powerful enough.”

“Ah, brother Ye, you are such an outstanding person. When the time comes, you will definitely display your talents and win Lady Rouge’s heart.” Nangong Piano drank another cup of wine. “I believe we have hit it off very well. When the time comes when you need my** help, brother Ye, be sure to ask!”

“Help?” Ye Yin cocked his head. “Brother Nangong will really help me**?”

“Of course!” Nangong Piaoran lowered his gaze, downing another cup. He didn’t appear any different, but many thoughts were passing through his mind. Surely this fellow wouldn’t actually ask for any requests, would he? They had talked in circles for such a long time today. Now… Haha, what an interesting person!

“Actually, my only worry is silver. I’m afraid that I won’t have enough!”

Nangong Piaoran’s mouth twitched. Short of money? Wanting Rouge’s first night yet short of money? Was he really treating him like a cash cow?

Seeing Ye Yin still smile pleasantly, Nangong Piaoran also smiled. “Alright! If brother Ye truly is in lack of money at that time, just say the word!”

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  1. Very interesting story. Enjoying it very much. Thanks a lot for 2 chapters in a row. Fantastic..look forward for more. Thanks


  2. If a swindler swindles a swindler who was trying to swindle him, what colour is the tablecloth on a Tuesday? 🙃


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