BAF Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Waiting Pt.2

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“Little Qi, what kind of nonsense are you talking about? How could I fall for this person?” Du Luo said with wide eyes. He failed to notice the trap in Ye Yin’s words.

“Humph! I would rather die than be liked by such a person!” Nangong Piaoran said just as loudly, not to be outdone.

Ye Yin smiled even wider. He shrugged, appearing surprised. “How could you guys have such a reaction? I didn’t say that you guys like each other, I just thought it was a bit regretful.”

“If not, then good!” The two said again at the same time, then shared another look.

“Alas, there is actually nothing wrong with a man falling for a man. Love has no gender.” Ye Yin looked at Du Luo, his tone very regretful.

“Little Qi, I don’t like men, especially not him!” Du Luo said rather helplessly.

“And I would not let a man fall for me!”

“Brother Du, I really was not talking about you two.” Ye Yin smiled brightly, looking at Nangong Piaoran and Du Luo. “Really, I was not talking about you two, but you two simply… It was just that seeing you two like this, I was reminded of something regretful. Why are you two taking this as a personal attack? Is this really a confession?”

As he finished speaking, Ye Yin could not hold back clicking his tongue, as if it were such a pity. Du Luo and Nangong Piaoran were dumbfounded and did not know what to say. In the end, Yanghan could not hold back from laughing. “Young master Ye, few can leave Nangong Piaoran dumbstruck. But you don’t need to spend so much effort trying to attract their attention, they won’t actually start fighting.”  

He saw through his true plan? But this was not all that he was aiming for. Ye Yin smiled without a word. Strangely, Du Luo started to smile. “Little Qi, you stinking brat, you outwitted me again! Don’t worry, just like Lord Yanghan said, I won’t start fighting with Lord Nangong. I don’t fight anyone before knowing their true strength.”

Sitting back in his seat, Nangong Piaoran adopted a graceful posture drinking tea. “Indeed, I too do not fight anyone before knowing their true strength. So brother Ye, you don’t need to worry about your brother’s safety.”

“I wasn’t worrying for anyone’s safety, I was just worrying about my money. If you two were to start fighting here, who knows how much money I would have to pay the owner as the host. If you two really want to fight, go fight outside, ok?”

Ye Yin had a very provoking smile. Seeing the two’s reaction, he laughed fearlessly. “However, truthfully, you two really are very synchronized. Seeing you two together is very entertaining. Don’t worry, I and Yanghan are supporting you two!”

“Supporting my ass!” Nangong Piaoran gnashed his teeth. What did he do to provoke such a slyly smiling fox?

“Little Qi, are you a little bored?” Du Luo’s words successfully silenced Ye Yin. Seeing Ye Yin stop smiling and nicely drink his tea, Nangong Piaoran’s lip curled. “Indeed, evil is only stopped by other evil!”  

Although Ye Yin had kept on teasing him, Nangong Piaoran was not angry. On the contrary, he was even a little bit fond. He liked the youth’s sharp wit, his bearing, his way of talking, but… If only they were not enemies!

Yanghan had watched on quietly without bringing attention to himself. Suddenly, he had a thought. What did he come here for? He was the one who had suggesting going out to drink with the intention of figuring out Nangong Piaoran’s true motives for being in West Zhi, but this young man had suddenly appeared. Now, they did have wine, but they were not exactly drinking, and he wasn’t getting what he wanted. Instead, he was only listening to their idle chatting, as if they were here just to kill time. But did he come here to kill time?

“Young master Ye, why does Du Luo call you Little Qi?” Yanghan kept on feeling like he could not really see through the white clothed youth. He was not as sociable as Nangong Piaoran, so he could only politely address him as “Young master Ye”. On the other hand, the young man also did not treat him as familiarly as he did Nangong Piaoran, also politely addressing him as “Young master Yang.” Did he sense something that made him maintain this distance?  

“I am the seventh oldest sibling. He can’t call me Little Yin, because it sounds too feminine.” Ye Yin smiled as he replied, but he knew that Yanghan was starting to probe.

“Little Qi? So your family has seven siblings! Unlike me, who has no siblings. Little Qi, can I call you Little Qi too?” Nangong Piaoran interrupted, gazing charmingly toward Ye Yin.

What do you mean “can I” when you’ve already started doing it! Ye Yin’s mouth twitched. He nodded faintly. Yanghan helped poor Ye Yin another cup of wine. “The master of Fusheng at such a young age, young master Ye has boundless prospects!”

“Yeah, Little Qi, you’re even better than me!” Nangong Piaoran downed another cup of wine, then leaned back languidly, very alluring. His eyes half closed, he said, “Little Qi, even though Fusheng has branches across the land, how come I have never seen you traveling to other countries?”

So the casanova was also starting to probe? Ye Yin looked down, acting very helpless as he said, “I have had a weak constitution since birth. My family would not let me take even a step outside, so Fusheng’s business has mostly been handled by brother Du. Brother Yang mentioned previously that brother Du has traveled across the land. In truth, it was for me that he traveled.”

“You two sure are sworn brothers!”

“Indeed! Few people in the world can wholeheartedly help someone else. For someone to not try to take over Fusheng given the chance, such a large amount of wealth, is a true miracle! Alas! A man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant, as the proverb goes. Little Qi, you should be carefully!” Nangong Piaoran said firmly, without ill intent. His gaze landed on Du Luo.

“Is brother Nangong trying to sow discord?” Ye Yin raised a brow, smiling as he spoke.

Nangong Piaoran blinked. “Yes, I am indeed trying to cause discord, but will you accept my instigation?”

“I will consider it!” Ye Yin nodded seriously. “If brother Nangong really wants me and brother Du’s relationship to be disharmonious, I will consider it. Alas! Is it not that brother Nangong is worried about the brotherly relationship between me and brother Du that you purposefully try to disrupt our relationship? We really only treat each others as brothers, so don’t worry about me.”

Nangong Piaoran rolled his eyes, thinking to himself, how did the conversation become this again. Was this fellow doing it on purpose? His tone a little helpless, Nangong Piaoran replied, “Little Qi, I really do not like men. Even if I did, I would not like your elder brother.”

“I didn’t say you liked men!” Ye Yin acted as if he didn’t understand. “Brother Nangong, why do you keep on trying to give an explanation? You are just making excuses!”

Nangong Piaoran was exasperated. “But you said that if I liked your elder brother to not worry about you!”

“I was saying that if you really disliked my brother to the point that you wanted to fight to not worry about our brotherly relationship. Did I say something wrong? Brother Nangong, did you misinterpret? Is it that from the bottom of your heart, you really…” Ye Yin blinked, smiling widely. “Brother Nangong, sometimes one should not over think, otherwise they will reveal their true thoughts.”

Damn, he was outwitted again. Nangong Piaoran looked at Du Luo who had suffered so many times he had already fallen silent and fell silent too. Ye Yin was clearly saying that deep in his heart, he liked men, but if he opened his mouth to explain, he would definitely be outwitted again. Not speaking was best. To Nangong Piaoran, being outwitted by someone else was a very novel experience. His like and curiosity of the youth in white increase.

“So you’re silent!” Ye Yin’s low voice was heard clearly by the other three present. Nangong Piaoran felt another wave of helplessness. Why was he after him again!

Ye Yin smiled brightly as he watched Nangong Piaoran’s defeated state, carefully hiding away his heart’s impatience. The sound of rain outside had gradually grown louder, but the person he had been waiting for still had not appeared. The unease in his heart grew in folds. He wanted to rush outside to see what had happened, but he could not. He had to sit here and wait, wait until news came!  

After glancing again at Nangong Piaoran and Du Luo, Ye Yin withdrew his gaze. Because of many “novels” he had read in the past, he was truly curious how a relationship between two men would be like, but if he really wanted them to become lovers, then Aman would kill him. It would be best to stop just in case it actually came true.

Ye Yin’s gaze then landed on Yanghan, how had been watching the banter silently with a smile. He had the exact same smile as always without any reactions, as calm as a lake. This kind of person was the hardest to see through, someone you would be killed by if you were not careful!

The leader of an assassin guild, just thinking about it was scary. However, Yanghan, with his tall figure and imposing manner, and Nangong Piaoran, with a face more charming than women and such alluring gaze, were a perfect gay couple! As Ye Yin imagined the scene of Nangong Piaoran being pushed down by Yanghan, an evil smile surfaced on his face.

Seeing Ye Yin smile for no reason, Nangong Piaoran and Yanghan both felt a chill. Yanghan, with the same smile, said, “Young master Ye, what are you so happy for?”

Smiling yet not smiling, Ye Yin said, “Brother Yang want’s to know? You won’t regret?”

Yanghan’s mouth twitched. His smile became a bit forced. How could he give Ye Yin the chance to trick him. He shook his head. “No, no. Young master Ye’s way of thinking cannot be understood by common people.”

“Alas! A hero is always lonely!” Ye Yin sighed, shaking his head. Nangong Piaoran laugh quietly. He was liking the quick witted youth more and more, even though he had suffered quite a bit from that tongue!

The chamber fell silent once again. The four people who each harbored their own thoughts continuously downed cups. Ye Yin had already downed quite a few cups, yet his expression continued to pale instead of redden. He maintained the same smile that reached his eyes, but Du Luo knew that Ye Yin was thinking elsewhere, and it was serious, because Ye Yin’s complexion was now frighteningly white.

“Young master Ye has a large drinking capacity!”

“Haha, brother Yang, you cannot beat this young fellow in drinking. Previously, I tried to get him drunk, yet when I was swooning, he was not drunk at all, not even his expression changed!” Nangong Piaoran’s face was already flushed red, his drunken eyes even more seductive. He raised another toast. “Little Qi, why is your face becoming more and more white?”


Before Ye Yin could respond, he was interrupted by a shout downstairs. “Young master, young master, where are you?” Ye Yin’s expression changed immediately. He pushed away the toast and said loudly, “I am here, what happened?”

With a flurry of loud footsteps, Qiu Xing rushed upstairs urgently. The moment she saw Ye Yin, she choked with sobs, “Young master, L-Lady Rouge was kidnapped!”

“What?” Ye Yin said in shock. With no regard to the other three, he said coldly, “What exactly happened? Speak clearly!”

“We accompanied Lady Rouge to Intoxicated Dream for her to say her goodbyes, but suddenly men in black came rushing in and… and kidnapped Lady Rouge!”

The air around Ye Yin grew more and more icy. “Qiu Xing, do you know which direction they went?”

Qiu Xing nodded. Ye Yin turned around. “Brother Nangong, brother Yang, I am terribly sorry. I, your little brother, will host another day. Brother Nangong, may I borrow a horse!” Not even listening to Nangong Piaoran’s response, Ye Yin immediately opened the windows and flew out. In midair, Ye Yin heard Du Luo say, “Little Qi, I am going with you!”

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  1. Bwhahahah it suddenly became a yaoi talk on who’s gonna be paired up by Nangong XDD i vote on young master Yang x Nangong if its yaoi since someone already claimed brother Du Luo ^^; but I think these 2 will be added on her followers lol. Now I wonder why her face became whiter than being red.? Did she drink a medicine from not getting flushed? Or does she only have a high tolerance? I wanna know what happens next so I cant wait

    Thanks for the chapter!


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