Both are Foxes (都是狐狸)

Dou Shi Hu Li (都是狐狸)

Author: 千夜魅罗  (Qian Ye Mei Luo)

Note: Synopsis has spoilers


She has stunning looks and talents that are even more amazing, but she hides both deeply because she understands that beauty is never a blessing and that women who are not as capable are held in higher regard, especially in this ancient society where evil runs amok. So to the common eye, she is an ugly woman, so ugly even ghosts would be too afraid to look at her, a weak, ignorant lady.

An imperial edict forces her to marry the well-renowned prime minister of Dong Ling. She cleverly deals with her situation as she faces hidden and openly disdainful looks, smiling coldly and looking on indifferently. She did not want any of this. Why do women make things harder for other women?

She is the ugly, cowardly, useless, frail Lady Zi Yinye. But she is actually the handsome and brilliant prime minister Ye Yin!!


In order to fully convey it but not make the English sound weird, one asterisk means higher status and could show arrogance  if referring to self while two asterisks mean referring to lower status. The struggle is real.

Here are examples that don’t have spoilers

1 asterisk *:

The emperor often uses the word 朕 which means I or we for imperial use only. Only the emperor can refer to himself this way. Ex: even he*, the emperor, would not be able to alter it

And when it’s referring to someone else of higher status, like referring to Ren Fengyao, one of the main characters, who is a 公子, which means a young man who is a noble, I’m using young master or my lord if possible, but if not, I’m using you*. I have no actual example yet so this is a made up one: “Can you* please help us?”

2 asterisks **:

Let’s say Ren Fengyao is a very politely introducing himself. The example would be: I** am Ren Fengyao

And when someone is referring to someone else in a rude way, it would be like: You** ugly woman.  

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18 thoughts on “Both are Foxes (都是狐狸)

  1. She is the ugly, cowardly, useless, frail Lady Zi Yinye. But she is actually the handsome and brilliant prime minister Ye Yin!!?? o3o what does this even mean

    like is she/he a transvestite or was this just missing words? xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. PLEASE DO IT~~!! I’m a veteran in telling whether something can do well or not and this scales on a 7.5/10 which is pretty high coming from me. DO IT

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just found this translation I love it so far thanks for the translations cannot wait for next chapters. ❤❤❤❤


  4. Hmm? Doesn’t 都是狐狸 mean ‘All of them are foxes”? Sorry, not trying to be picky, I was just wondering if there was a reason that it’s translated as “Both Are Foxes” instead.


    • Hi, that’s a great question! So someone requested this to be translated and someone else had already translated the synopsis while translating the name as “Both Are Foxes”. I assumed she was talking about the male and female lead and decided to respect her choice seeing as if she had never translated the synopsis, no one would have ever known about its existence and I wouldn’t have been able to translate it.


  5. Hi there, randomly stumbled here from ShuShengBar. I’d just like to say that this is one of my favourite novels out there and I am glad its getting translated into English. Certainly a worthwhile project and the best of luck to you!


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