Stunning Edge Chapter 156 & Schedule Announcement


School is about to start and reflecting on the summer (eek) I barely published anything compared to last year

So I’m going to revert back to trying(?!) to be on a schedule

School starts next week @_@ which means this schedule will be experimental for a month before I decide if it works out or not

If anyone is too lazy to click on the link:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
* SE * * BAF * SE

*extra SE

Sorry BAF fans, BAF is in ancient China and has harder Chinese in the first place whereas the SE author is super redundant in their use of Chinese, which makes it far easier to translate SE chapters. They’re also shorter by like 25%

ok announcement over


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Both Are Foxes Chapters 2,3

I highly advised rereading from chapter 1 since there are important changes that might change your perception of the story, but if you don’t want to, you can start from here

Also, important note:

The whole story has really complex social nuances that I think are important to understanding the whole picture. (This story is basically reaally complex relationships plus interesting plot relevant to the relationships and reminds me of cheese in the trap, if you guys know that. Probably not, but sidenote: the drama does it no justice! Read the webtoon!)

I said this in chapter two, but since this is really important and is going to happen throughout allll the chapters, I’m saying it here and on the table of contents page. In order to fully convey it but not make the English sound weird, one asterick means higher status and could show arrogance  if referring to self while two astericks mean referring to lower status.

Here are examples that don’t have spoilers

1 asterisk *:

The emperor often uses the word 朕 which means I or we for imperial use only. Only the emperor can refer to himself this way. Ex: even he*, the emperor, would not be able to alter it

And when it’s referring to someone else of higher status, like referring to Ren Fengyao, one of the main characters, who is a 公子, which means a young man who is a noble, I’m using young master or my lord if possible, but if not, I’m using you*. I have no actual example yet so this is a made up one: “Can you* please help us?”

2 asterisks **:

Let’s say Ren Fengyao is a very politely introducing himself. The example would be: I** am Ren Fengyao

And when someone is referring to someone else in a rude way, it would be like: You** ugly woman.  

About Us Update

Since we recently bought the domain, we changed a few things like the icon and header image.
I don’t think many people care but just in case you’re interested, here is a short explanation for the creation of the website and why it was originally called japanese mafia lady along with some other clarifications
But seriously the glorious header image!!! Kanoi and Penny are so pro!!!

Stunning Edge Chapter 112-116 (+ Both are Foxes announcement + Chapter 1)


I wanted to get to chapter 120, but whatever

I’m going to try to get to chapter 120 by the end of this week

Also, for Both are Foxes, I’m going to first read ahead. It’s like 5x harder to translate than Stunning Edge, first because I’m much more used to Stunning Edge and second, it’s in more formal, old-ish Chinese and refers to the past. I mean I’ve got the basics down of imperial China like concubines and stuff but I want to read ahead so I can get a more firmer grasp. I’ve translated one chapter but keep in mind I’m not assuring 100% accuracy just yet. I’m thinking I’ll be able to take it on more seriously during winter break (starts Dec 20) TBH I like this story better than Stunning Edge, but I feel more obligated to work on Stunning Edge because I already feel like I’m letting people down by being so slow, I’m so sorryyyy

Special thanks to Zio, who helped with 115 a little and our second donor Leonhard M.!

(I’m still shocked that people think we’re good enough to donate to thank you so much T_T PS: Please keep in mind how clothes sold on Black Friday are made. In a few cases it’s done by illegal immigrants in be US who are exploited, but in most cases it’s done in third world countries like Bangladesh where young girls are pulled away from schools (MALALA FOUNDATION) and forced to work 16 hours a day, every day at extremely low wages in labor condition violating sweatshops
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Stunning Edge Chapter 105

Chapter 105

Announcement: gonna be gone aug 6-12, viv will be back aug 4th so perfect 😀
How fast it releases will depend on her (could be good or bad thing idk just sayin)

Two days ago I spotted squirtle not once but TWICE and the first one was while we were driving so that didn’t work but then when we got home it appeared again!! And THEN MY BATTERY DIED

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Ok more serious news:

Truck bomb kills at least 44 in Qamishli, Syria ;-; Yet all that everbody cares about is Hillary’s stupid emails and Trump asking Russia to hack sigh….

There’s something wrong with 2016, been getting so much sad news compared to last year. Is it just because it’s election year? Who knows….

Worldly Stunning Blade Chapter 3

Hey so
a lot of guys seem interested
I was like meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so
here ya go, the chapters are ok length I guess
I don’t super hate it or anything

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Special thanks to my friend who will be going by Viv who helped translate a portion!
She’s helped I think once before and I probably referred to her by her initials VZ
I think she will be continuing with Stunning Edge and:

Meanwhile people seem to like WSB and I was like eh why not
I haven’t read ahead or anything so I really don’t know and my only opinion is meh, don’t super dislike or like so,
I think I’ll be continuing until
a) get bored/start disliking
b) school starts/no time

edit: Turkey milit takeover?? ok… world’s getting crazier as the days go by I swear
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Context of question cuz I just realized I was an idiot:
This is for Stunning Edge
Past explanation on spiritual powers: If any of you guys have read wu dong qian kong, it’s basically the same thing as mental power. Originally, the term spiritual was used because I thought it sounded cool, but as you will see later, it’s more like spirit/soul/mind/consciousness are the same. Hope this clears up any confusion later.
Added explanation: The Chinese word for it can mean both ways and both fit in all contexts, but sometimes one way seems to fit better. For ex. it makes more sense for a soul to take over a body, but then if you had to call it something, mind control seems to sound better. I dunno, I’m going to see how this poll goes. Maybe I might even ignore it lol please don’t kill me XD