I’ll be gone for at most until June because I actually am going to be busy with school stuff (AP exams if you know what that is) and that’s approximately when school ends. In the meantime, I’m going to be casually copying and pasting each chapter over to the new site while proofreading them and stuff.

Sorry guys >~<


WordAds Problems… POLL

I suddenly noticed today that my WordAds option had suddenly disappeared. Perhaps it had been missing for quite a while, and I had only noticed today because a recent friend who also wanted to monetize his website had asked me questions about ads. (I don’t actually care too much about the money, which is why it probably took me so long to notice). Edit: Actually the last time WordPress paid me was February, but I had simply never noticed.

I immediately inquired and found that it turns out a large number of views had come from bots. This was greatly disheartening for two reasons:

1. I realized that I had been prideful in something that was fake
2. More importantly, I cannot reapply to WordAds.

I remember quite a while back that WuxiaWorld had some kind of similar problem but forgot how they rectified it. I know there is an option somewhere that can transfer all the pages and content to another website, but am not sure about the specifics. Worst case scenario, I can just copy and paste everything over. This could be an opportunity to edit everything in terms of both formatting and grammar/content.

So many options are running through my head right now, but right now, all I can think of are two major options:

1. Create a completely new website and later run WordAds after the website fits the qualifications (has enough traffic, has domain). Kinda sucks that I’d have to pay another $18 when I haven’t used up this domain for the year yet…

2. Join another established website where I would never have to worry about this problem, but this requires more compromise and I cannot be so flexible. (I have two in mind actually, one that I asked a long time ago, and the second one that gave me an offer after I did a brief collaboration to translate manga for a hot second.)

I would first like to hold a poll for which option you like best to hear you guys’ opinion

If I opt to create a completely new website, I will create a poll for the website name. (Or maybe I could wait until this domain runs out for the year and buy it again for my other website).

If I opt to join another website, I will have to ask readers which website would be most convenient for them and then have to ask that website myself if I can join (which sounds like more of a hassle).

I am currently thinking of creating another blog and linking from this blog to the other blog as a temporary solution, although the name is to be decided.

I feel so sad because this problem was created out of my control, and that a lot of what I took pride in for this website was a lie 😦 (Can WordPress please give me an actual estimate of how many views/viewers I have??? I wanna know!!!)

Lastly, you might wonder why I care so much if I donate everything to charity. I still want to do so, and maybe take a percentage to incentivize myself. It is also possible that if I ever run into money trouble that I could turn to this as my last resort (although technically speaking, this website has gotten me much much lower than minimum wage; I was mostly doing it for fun).

Stunning Edge Chapter 161


Side note:

You might be wondering why the poll is not here…

So even though the poll was only around a week, it became pretty clear that Doctors without Borders was consistently getting around 50% of the votes and that continuing to poll wouldn’t be necessary

So yeah, $500 bucks to Doctors without Borders and $100 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, applause to all people who donated and thank you readers for the ad revenue 

(I know this might sound small, but I’m pretty proud :3)

In order for people to not feel like I’m lying or something I feel like I might upload a YouTube video as proof or smth, but yeah.

Thanks everyone!


I want to keep this poll up for at least a month to ensure that people have enough time to research and decide which cause they support the most in (or add their causes to) this poll. Because polldaddy only works for one week, I’m going to add this poll to each post and keep track of all the answers. This also means you can vote multiple times. 

Stunning Edge Chapter 156 & Schedule Announcement


School is about to start and reflecting on the summer (eek) I barely published anything compared to last year

So I’m going to revert back to trying(?!) to be on a schedule

School starts next week @_@ which means this schedule will be experimental for a month before I decide if it works out or not

If anyone is too lazy to click on the link:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
* SE * * BAF * SE

*extra SE

Sorry BAF fans, BAF is in ancient China and has harder Chinese in the first place whereas the SE author is super redundant in their use of Chinese, which makes it far easier to translate SE chapters. They’re also shorter by like 25%

ok announcement over


(PS *slips in shameless promo* donations might increase chances of extra SE *wink wink*)