Both Are Foxes Chapter 37

Chapter 38: Letting Her Soar

Translator: Yellow Nemo

Editor: BuzzBannana


I am taking a hiatus because of college apps and will be back at the very latest November 1st. (Looming Early Action deadline eek)

Should go to sleep now cuz a small computer science competition tomorrow @_@


Both Are Foxes Chapter 31

I’m not late! By Texas time by 5 min!

Side note:
There is some $100+ that WordPress just sent yesterday for ad revenue and I’ve decided it will go to Harvey victims. In the Dallas area, there’s a shortage of gas because oil refineries in Houston were swept away, which kind of shows how bad it is up there. I also have a friend there that I met at a math camp. Does anyone know of a trustworthy site to donate to Harvey victims?

Both Are Foxes Chapter 30

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hohoho things are getting serious~