KKDB Episode 3 Part 2

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted Part 1… But I still don’t know when Part 3 will be ready… m(_ _)m

Anyway, here’s Part 2!!


TL: Seijaku no Marionette (Penny, Kanoi)

Grammar: tako, Buzz

KKDB Episode 2 Part 6

04/26 is the birthday of Shinnosuke Tachibana, the author of KKDB, and we’re celebrating his birthday by POSTING AN EXTRA PART!!

However, Tachibana mainly works as a voice actor, so KKDB is actually the only novel in this series. There are also 3 volumes of manga titled Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei, which means The Lady Detective of Hakoniwa (Yes, Yui is the protagonist!), with scripts written by him, but our group does not translate manga right now. Therefore, Penny and I will be translating something else after we finish translating KKDB.

There are 2 more parts in this episode and Episode 3 will be the final episode. By the way, there is also a short epilogue.


TL: Seijaku no Marionette (Penny, Kanoi)

Grammar: Buzz, tako

KKDB Episode 2 Part 4

This is the longest part of Episode 2 and it’s kind of confusing.

Here’s a picture of some secret boxes if you don’t get what they are when you’re reading Part 4. The picture is taken from the Internet and the original link is added as a hyperlink in the caption.




TL: Seijaku no Marionette (Penny, Kanoi)

Grammar: Buzz